Pumps – What Do They Mean When They Say…

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of fluid pumping, whether it’s for drinking water supply, rainwater harvesting or wastewater treatment, you may be puzzled by the terms and phrases used in the industry. But a basic understanding will help you to choose the right pump for your needs, so let’s just explain a few of them.

In each of this series of weekly blog posts, we select one product from the DAB range and explain its pump’s features, with links to a glossary where you can find more commonly-used technical terms simply explained.

Last week, we focused on the entry-level Diver 6 pump range. This week we advance to the…

Divertron Smart Pump

The Divertron Smart Pump is similar to the Diver 6 but instead of a floating switch it is controlled by a flow sensor to measure the flow rate of the water passing through the pump, and an electronic pressure switch to automatically switch off the pump once the required outlet water pressure is reached.

The Divertron Smart Pump features dry-run protection with a re-prime memory which, if the pump runs dry it tries again in 30 minutes, then hourly for the next three hours, again after six hours and then every 24 hours.

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