Combining the best of both plastic and steel

There are times when a combination of materials gives the best solution for your needs. This might be because you need fire-rated tanks, or a highly secure but portable fuel storage unit, for instance.

Portable fuel storage solutions

The problem – a need for portable fuel tanks – but how to prevent fuel theft?

With the changeover from red diesel, in many sectors, coupled with spiralling fuel prices, this is a real issue for alot of people, including construction industry, forestry, agriculture and some commercial users.

The solution – lockable steel skid-bowsers with integral plastic internal tanks.

Protect your valuable fuel, whilst still having a durable, portable tank. This DT-Mobile-Pro range consists of portable cube-style tanks with the outer construction of 3mm painted steel, and a non-rust Polyethylene inner, complete with lockable lid and integral forklift pockets to the base. These units are approved for road transport.

For a more economical option we now offer a new Tungsten range with the same type of construction and durability but not ADR approved for road use. These tanks are ideally suited for construction site or agricultural use.


AdBlue™ Bowsers

Best of both worlds – an inner plastic dispensing tank for AdBlue™, snugly fitted within a steel outer bund for extra durability and strength.

Multi-unit dispenser tanks

For ease of refuelling on site, there is a range of multi-units which combine inner tanks for both diesel and AdBlue™. These have an inner steel tank for the diesel combined with a plastic tank for the AdBlue within the same outer steel shell. Like the rest of the DT-Mobile-Pro range, they come with integral forklift pockets in the base, so that they can be easily installed on trailers or pick-up trucks, etc.


Fire rated tanks

Our new range of fire-resistant tanks combine the resilience of a polyethylene inner storage tank within a 30-minute fire-rated steel tank. This will give you peace of mind, and meet fire regulations, where tanks have to be situated close to buildings. Ask us for further details.

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email info@tanks-uk.com with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.

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