What exactly is AdBlue® and why does it need a special type of dispenser?

It is basically a solution of urea and demineralised water, which works within a diesel vehicle’s catalytic conversion system to reduce toxic exhaust emissions. The reason why it needs specific tanks is because it is corrosive, so most metal dispensing equipment is not suitable – although stainless steel is. It is also easily contaminated and must be protected from dirt ingress.

Interestingly, although it is now a universal ‘word’, AdBlue is actually a registered trademark of VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V.) of Germany.

Tanks-UK supply AdBlue® dispensing tanks with capacities ranging from 230 litres to 10,000 litres, also portable AdBlue® bowsers (see our earlier blog post: https://www.tanks-uk.com/bowsers-what-are-they-used-for/ ).

Here’s a bit more information on the types available, to help you select the most suitable for your application..

Tungsten AdBlue® dispensers

2500L Horizontal AdBlue TankThe new Tungsten range of AdBlue® dispensers are sturdy blue plastic bunded tanks, featuring a lockable dispensing cabinet with a black door. We offer you a choice of options in addition to the basic dispensing kit with hose and nozzle. Sizes in this range are 1000 litre slimline, 1300 litre in vertical or horizontal format, 2500 litre vertical or horizontal, 5000 and 8050 litre vertical. This range is particularly suited where you need a static tank for fleet refuelling, for example on farms, industrial units or transport depots.

Harlequin AdBlue® dispensers


The Harlequin range from Tanks-UK are fully equipped bunded dispensing tanks in sizes ranging through 1400 litre, 2500 litre (vertical or slimline), 3500 litre, 5000 litre up to the big one at 9250 litre.

They match up with the diesel dispensing tanks in the same range, so are ideal where you want a neat looking refuelling area with both diesel and AdBlue® side by side. This range comes as standard with Piusi® pump, delivery hose and stainless steel nozzle, mechanical flowmeter and electronic contents gauge, with the optional extra of a digital flow meter.

ADB.V5000Atlantis AdBlue® dispensers

Atlantis’ range of  AdBlue® static bunded dispenser tanks starts at 1300 litre, with pump, hose, auto shut-off nozzle and contents gauge as standard. Next up is the 2450 litre in the same design, then the larger rotationally moulded tanks which are grey plastic with blue doors. These are available in 5000 litre, 7500 litre and the largest of our standard range at 10000 litres.

Portable AdBlue® dispensers

230 litre AdBlue Portafuel dispensing tank, Atlantis AdBlue skid unit, Blue cover, grey plasticCemo’s Mobile-Easy range are smaller, portable units, suitable for mounting on trucks and trailers, so making them ideal where it is necessary to provide portable refilling of AdBlue®, e.g. on construction sites, garages, farms, quarries, etc. The smallest in this range is 125 litre which is available in 2 versions with different type pumps, as is the 200 litre. The larger portable dispensers come in at 400 or 600 litre size in this range.

If you’re looking for a compact unit that can be moved manually then the Cemo AdBlue® trolleys might be the answer. They are available in 60 or 100 litre sizes, complete with hose, nozzle and pump.

Tanks-UK also offer the Atlantis Portafuel cube type portable AdBlue®  dispensers. These are neat grey units with blue lids covering the dispensing equipment, helping to prevent contamination. They are available in 230 or 440 litre sizes.

Tungsten custom dispenser tanks – Plastic in Steel

Tanks-UK is able to offer a bespoke solution if none of the standard AdBlue® dispensers quite fits the bill. By installing plastic tanks into a steel outer shell we can produce a strong, secure dispensing system.

For instance, one customer wanted to have a complete refuelling station.  We were able to supply a compact unit with a 20000 litre diesel dispensing tank and a 3000 litre AdBlue® dispenser, both within the same steel outer shell, and a full depth roller shutter door to access the fill points.

We can build this type of combination tank to various sizes and configurations – just contact us with your specifications and we’ll provide a solution.

We also supply the ‘plastic in steel’ type of dispenser tank for AdBlue® alone. This type provides a higher level of security than plastic tanks alone.

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email info@tanks-uk.com with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.

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