Pumps and fittings from stock

Whether you need additional or alternative fittings from those supplied as standard, or you’re looking to replace fittings on an existing installation, Tanks-UK can often supply these from stock. There may be occasions when pumps are required as stand-alone products – no problem. We can advise you on the best pump for your application.

Water pumps


Nova 600 MA

Nova 300 MA pump

The DAB range of pumps that we stock are specifically designed so that they can be used as submersible pumps. Some of the uses for this type of pump are:

FEKA 550

DAB Effluent pumps

In addition to water pumps, Tanks-UK also stock effluent pumps. These might be used for example, as a subsidiary or supplementary pump to a sewage treatment station, or for pumping industrial effluent to a holding tank. The Feka stainless steel pumps are the best for this purpose, as they are designed for effluent and sewage and are very durable.

Fuel Pumps

Here’s where you might want to change or upgrade the standard pumps to adapt a standard dispensing tank to your requirements. Some of our products are shown as options on the product webpage, but they are also available as standalone products, if you need an upgrade or replacement, for example.

Tanks-UK stock several types of fuel pumps – some of those available from stock are:

You may be wondering ‘what is ATEX’? It doesn’t actually stand for anything in itself, but it refers to two EU directives relating to controlling potentially explosive atmospheres, for example, where there are highly volatile liquids such as petrol. The name was taken from the French description of the regulations, but it is recognised throughout Europe and still used in the UK post-Brexit. ATEX certified products are therefore safe for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

As well as the pumps, we also stock the fittings for pipe connections, including adaptors for different sizes. Here we look at a few different applications from the wide range of fittings available.

MDPE fittings

MDPE is short for medium-density polyethylene. This is the material most often used for permanent plastic pipework as it is very durable and totally corrosion resistant. Tanks-UK stock a wide range of fittings and adaptors for MDPE pipework, with different bore sizes, configurations (e.g. elbow joint) and connections. The standard pipe fittings are black with green connectors; and the WRAS (Water Regulations Approval Scheme) approved fittings for drinking water have blue connectors.

Threaded metal fittings

There are various applications for fittings in different metal materials, as well as the plastic water pipe fittings. Tanks-UK stock a huge range of metal pipe fittings. Here are just a few examples, and their potential uses:

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email info@tanks-uk.com with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.


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