We’ve got something new to show you at the Midlands Machinery Show on 8th and 9th November 2023.

Come and see us on Stand G5 and all will be revealed!

This week we are featuring water bowsers again as they will be a main feature at the show.  Here’s some ideas of what Tanks-UK’s water bowsers can be used for. Come and see for yourself at the show.

Dust Suppression

Dust is a nuisance at best but can also be a serious health hazard and even a fire or explosion hazard, depending on the type of dust.  Dust ingress can also damage machinery. Dust suppression bowsers may be your answer on farms or construction sites.

Dust suppression bowsers are generally fitted with a spray bar, which sprays a fine water mist on the ground. They can be towed behind any vehicle including ATVs, Pickups, Tractors, etc.

This is very useful in dry weather on events arenas, estate or farm roadways, construction sites and many other areas. Dust suppression bowsers can also be used for grass watering on sports grounds or golf courses.

Watering Bowsers

These are water bowsers with pumps, hoses and nozzles for plant watering. We can supply watering lances instead of normal nozzles if preferred – these are very useful (e.g. for local Council use) for watering hanging baskets on lamp-posts, etc.

An excellent solution for garden centres and nurseries, including tree nurseries, they are also very useful in the landscaping industry, and for municipal gardens and parks.


This is something you probably don’t want to do – but it pays to be prepared!  Watering bowsers have been successfully used for firefighting wildfires last year.  This need not be limited to agriculture either – larger industrial sites may need instant firefighting appliances and a water bowser suitably equipped will likely be a cheaper solution than a dedicated fire appliance.

Pressure Washer Bowsers

What about washing down – building facades, plant and equipment, stockyards, etc?  Here we have the answer with pressure washer bowsers. They come fully equipped with a pressure washing unit, hose and nozzle.

Livestock watering

These are one step better than plain water troughs (which need filling up) in outlying fields. Take a bowser out to the field, fitted with our watering trough on the back, and it will last for a long while before it needs refilling.  When you need to refill it, just hitch it up to a vehicle and tow back to the yard.

Combination bespoke bowsers

We have supplied bowsers with a combination of equipment – for instance pressure washing and watering equipment. Just let us know what uses you need water bowsers for, and we can design the ideal solutions for you.

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email info@tanks-uk.com with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.

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