Bunded Oil Tank installation – 2,500 Litre ITE

2500L Bunded Oil Tank Installation, 2500ITE Oil Storage Tank

Case Study: 2500L ITE Bunded Oil Tank installation, Oxfordshire

Project Brief: Tanks-UK were commissioned to dispose of an old Titan tank, and replace with a new bunded oil tank with a 2,500 litre capacity. Due to access restrictions, this included using a Hiab to lift the existing tank out and drop the new tank into position. 

Main Project Requirements: 

  • Drain down of existing oil tank
  • Set up temporary tank and pump whilst work is carried out 
  • Install Harlequin 2500ITE Bunded tank using Hiab to crane into position
  • Pump oil into new tank ensuring no water contamination

Product Used: Harlequin 2500 ITE Bunded Oil Tank


Project Outcome:  

Our client needed to replace their Titan 2,500 litre tank which was leaking water into the bund.  As they had built a new garage, there was no longer access to the tank site through the garden. Additionally there was a fire wall tight around the tank, therefore access was very restricted. After draining the oil, we used a Hiab to crane out the old tank, and then carefully position the new Harlequin 2,500 litre polyethylene bunded tank on the existing base; the tank fitted like a dream!  All there was left to do once the new tank was situated was to carefully pump the oil back ensuring there was no contamination. Once situated and installed, all there was left to do was to carefully pump the oil back into the new tank ensuring there was no contamination.  The bunded oil tank installation was a great success, and we were able to complete the project within the given time frame.

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