D-tron Pumps – What Do They Mean When They Say…

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of fluid pumping, whether it’s for drinking water supply, rainwater harvesting or wastewater treatment, you may be puzzled by the terms and phrases used in the industry. But a basic understanding will help you to choose the right pump for your needs, so let’s just explain a few of them.

In each of this series of weekly blog posts, we select one product from the DAB range and explain its pump’s features, with links to a glossary where you can find more commonly-used technical terms simply explained.

Two weeks ago, we focused on the entry-level Diver 6 pump range and last week it was the Divertron Smart pump range. This week we look at the…

D-tron 2 and D-tron 3 Pumps

The D-tron 2 pump is identical to the Divertron Smart Pump but also features a built-in pressure vessel for a compact supply of pressurised water available on demand.

The D-tron 3 pump is identical to the D-tron 2 but also features an optional foot to convert it to an inline pump and a variable start-up pressure switch. This progressively increases the electrical power to the pump for a ‘soft start’ that reduces pump wear, power consumption and water hammer.

Water hammer is the result of a pressure surge or high-pressure shockwave created when water is forced to change direction or stop abruptly. Water hammering prematurely wears parts and in extreme cases can cause damage or injury if system components fracture or are blown off under pressure.

Both the D-tron 2 and D-tron 3 have the option to override the built-in switches with a start-stop floating switch.