Diesel Storage for Standby Generator

The Challenge

A well-known UK energy provider partnering with a large manufacturing plant on a green energy project needed a large emergency power resource to ensure production continuity during routine maintenance or in the event of power failure on the main system.

The two generators selected for this task would together consume approximately 1,000 litres of diesel per hour, so as the plant required a minimum of 24 hours’ auxiliary power to cover an outage, it was calculated that a 30,000-litre diesel storage tank would be required to ensure a comfortable margin of uninterrupted supply.

However, due to on-site space restrictions, the only available location for this tank was a 5.0 x 2.5 metre concrete pad.

Having discussed and rejected several options, at the eleventh hour the client decided to install a vertical cylindrical tank that would provide the needed storage capacity within the limits of the pad, while visually blending in with surrounding structures.


The Solution

Tanks-UK undertook the design, manufacturing and installation of the storage tank and its associated equipment, which included

  • a 2.5 metre diameter tank which, due to its cylindrical design, required an extended height of 8.6 metres
  • a fuel feed pipework system from the tank to the generators, via an on-demand pump system
  • a remote fill point to facilitate access and safety for delivery drivers
  • a fuel polishing system to remove the water and particulates that accumulate during long periods of storage and will affect fuel quality

Despite several setbacks during the course of the project and a request from the customer to delay delivery, we completed the installation within the timeframe.


The Result

The manufacturing plant is now running at optimum capacity with zero interruption. The tank blends in well with the existing installations and ongoing fuel tanker deliveries can be carried out safely and efficiently.


The Feedback

“I’m impressed with the professionalism shown by Tanks-UK throughout this project, and how they were able to navigate its many challenges, ensuring this part of the project was delivered on time.”

Project Manager