Dust Suppression

Farm tracks, Construction sites, Equestrian arenas/ménage areas, Quarries, Private estate roads, e.g. gravel roads – in the drier months these locations can all create a huge amount of dust from vehicle or animal movements. This is not only a nuisance but it is also a health and safety hazard. Dust clouds from vehicle movements can drastically reduce visibility for any vehicles following, risking a collision. Anyone working in the vicinity is likely to be breathing in dust which can cause serious lung diseases and ultimately fatalities.

Note that this is a big focus of Health & Safety Executive inspections on construction sites at the current time, and they do expect engineering methods to be used to suppress or remove dust where practicable.

Added to this is the wear and tear on vehicles, constant need of cleaning, aircon filter replacement, etc.

So what is the solution?  We need to create artificial rain or mist to supress the dust.

Site tow Dust Suppression Bowsers

Site tow bowsers are the simplest solution for dust suppression. Towed behind any vehicle with a towbar, they are fitted with a spray bar at the back. The easy

to fill water tank has a petrol driven pump to power the spray which creates just enough water mist/spray to suppress the dust without making the roads muddy.

Sizes available range from 700 litres up to 16000 litres. Splasher plates, spray nozzles or dribble bars can be fitted to suit your specific application..

There are also options for gravity fed, which give a trickle of water, or pressurised which give more of a water mist effect.

Highway tow Dust Suppression Bowsers

Dust suppression bowsers are also available with the additional specifications for road use. This includes braked axles, mudguards and trailer plates with lights, etc.

Skid mounted Bowsers

Skid mounted bowser versions are designed to fit into the back of trucks, rather than being towed behind. This type of tank can be fitted with the spray bars and pumps as a dust suppression unit. They could also double up as mobile pressure washers, with alternative fittings.

Bowser Hire

Save the hassle of buying a product just for a temporary situation (e.g. civil engineering, construction).  For shorter term use we hire out water bowsers so you save on capital outlay.

Used Bowser Sales

Once our hire fleet of bowsers are de-fleeted, they are fully refurbished and available to purchase as used models.

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email info@tanks-uk.com with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.