Focusing on steel tanks – adapting to your needs

2500Litre Custom Diesel Tank

Steel tanks – custom solution case study

2500Litre Custom Diesel Tank - side view

When RAF Mildenhall were looking to replace their ageing fleet of base standard tanks, we worked with them to find a solution to fit their budget and their specification. They saved $1.6M by using above ground steel tanks, based on our standard product range but adapted to meet the required military standards. Here’s their own story:

This is what the 100th Engineer Squadron of USAF said: “The new design resulted in 90% savings per tank. The total project cost to replace the tank systems was reduced to $180,000, generating a savings of $1.6 million. The new design also reduced the replacement timeline to 18 months for all 18 tanks. In addition, the new tank system will require less maintenance and servicing, generating long term savings.”  (Source: Royal Air Force Mildenhall website)

Adapting solutions to your specification

Are you considering a steel tank to solve your liquid storage problems?

Maybe you are looking to replace existing tanks, fit a specific space, need more powerful pumps than standard – or you just need a custom solution to fit your budget.

Our steel tanks are available in a large range of sizes to start with. They can then be upgraded and adapted, maybe a thicker grade of steel or specific size outlets.  We can paint them in any RAL colour, to match your corporate colours.  Or we could even save you money by redesigning a system to your specification.

And don’t forget long term savings you can make on maintenance when replacing old type tanks.

Getting a custom tank to your specification doesn’t have to be expensive, using standard sheet sizing and manufacturing processes but fully compliant to your specified standards and needs.

Upgraded pumps.

Here’s where we can select from a huge choice to find what works best for your application. They can be pneumatic or hydraulic as well as electric. Different flow rates are available – maybe you need faster than standard to meet your requirements.

Piusi MC Box System, Piusi Control Panel, Fluid Monitoring System

Fuel Management Systems

If you have a steel dispensing tank you can specify fuel management systems which will provide you with downloadable information on your fuel usage. This can be specific to vehicle and/or driver.  Take a look at our blog post describing these in more detail.

2500l bunded tank fittings

Pipework and other fittings

Need extra pipework, special taps? Or maybe different size inlets and outlets to match existing pipework. No problem – just provide us with the information and we’ll arrange it for you.

Our installers are qualified plumbers and can fit it all up for you on site, or you can choose to arrange your own installation.

Security lids are another feature we can easily add for you on steel tanks. The larger tanks can have access ladders or even stairs.

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.