OFTEC Warns Public of Winter Oil Thefts

OFTEC warns public to secure oil supply

OFTEC, the trading body for the oil fired heating Industry has warned oil users to secure their tanks and be on the watch, as the winter season approaches and oil thefts increase.

With the decrease in temperature that comes with the colder autumn and winter months, there also comes an increase in the theft of oil. Sadly, this year is no different, with citizens in all areas of the United Kingdom reporting such crimes. Despite the decrease in price of oil, it is still a valuable resource that many can’t or won’t pay for and resort instead to stealing from others. This is bad news, in particular, for the elderly whose resources are more likely to be stretched and who thieves see as an easy target.

What can you do?

• First of all; Keep track of your oil! Although it might be tempting to judge your levels by sight, an oil tank gauge allows you to see the specific volume in your tank and allows you to monitor your usage and ensure no theft is occurring.
• You can invest in an oil tank lock which can be opened with a key or with a combination, depending on the type you buy.
• Also, if you have the resources, it would be worthwhile stretching to extra security such as motion activated lights or an alarm. This is particularly important for businesses and those who use more oil than the average household.