Site Tow Diesel Bowsers

Our bunded steel fuel bowsers are a cost-effective solution for refuelling on construction sites and ideal for agricultural use. Featuring an internal baffle wall, this prevents fuel surge when in transit and is a safety feature.

Tank capacity ranges from 1,000 litres up to 3,000 litres, please have a look for the ideal size for your requirement.

Some tanks are ADR approved for transportation by road.  Please find them in the category for Road Tow Diesel Bowsers.  Please note that site tow bowsers must not be used on the highway.

All Site Tow Diesel Bowsers feature full load lifting eyes, fill point, vent, generator feed, return lines, and pump, all accessed via a secure lockable hatch.  These bowsers are easy to use and maintain, ideal for off road situations for reaching large equipment.

To discuss your portable tank requirements call us on 01953 665940 or email