Slimline Water Tanks

Tanks-UK offer various slimline water tanks, ranging from 240 litre capacity to 1100 litre capacity.

There are the Enduramaxx Squat tanks, which are sometimes otherwise known as transport tanks, coffin tanks, or loft tanks. These are strong one-piece moulded polyethylene tanks, to ensure durability and corrosion resistance. A wide range of liquids can be stored in them including chemicals of up to 1.5SG.  Therefore they are often the best choice for applications such as low profile storage of liquids, mobile animal grooming, domestic header or loft tanks, storage for water on camping sites, and storage of AdBlue®.

Similarly the Enduramaxx baffle tanks are good for a wide range of liquids, and they incorporate internal baffles moulded into the tank prevent sloshing and increase stability when on the move. These are often used by catering vans, camper vans and caravans, window cleaners etc.

We also supply the Slimline tanks for non-potable water, these are ideal for when space is limited. Often these tanks are used in the agricultural and commercial industries.

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