200m2 Garden Rainwater Filter

Weight: 2.2kg

Depth 515mm

Circumference: 390mm


Shipping: £15.00 to UK mainland



200m2 Garden Rainwater Filter

As total retention system, this rainwater filter has an integrated basket (mesh width 1mm) for collecting contamination.  It is easy to remove the filter basket with the assistance of a removal handle.

For installation in a rainwater tank or turret, or before an in-ground tank using the a Telescopic Extension Set with lid. This filter is recommended for garden watering systems and is ideal where there is no connection to a sewer. Also useful where water is infiltrated.

All inlets and outlets at DN 100 (110mm OD), one inlet can also be used as an emergency overflow. The cleaned rainwater flows through the bottom connection into the rainwater tank. Also a calmed inlet is recommended. The cleaned water can be used for garden watering. This system is a must for rainwater cleaning.

This is capable for harvesting rain for roof areas up to 200 m².

Depending on the percentage of contamination, therefore we recommend that the filter be cleaned several times during the year.

How the Garden Rainwater Filter works:

  1. Rainwater flows onto the filter cartridge.
  2. The dirt is retained in the dirt collecting basket. The basket has to be cleaned when necessary.
  3. One inlet can also be used as an emergency overflow.
  4. Cleaned water flows over the bottom connection into the rainwater tank.
  5. Use of a calmed inlet is recommended.


 200m2 Garden Rainwater Filter Features:

  • A total retention rainwater filter with integrated dirt collecting basket
  • Removable filter basket, easily removed with handle
  • Install inside a rainwater tank
  • Recommended for garden watering
  • Ideal where in sewer-free situations
  • Designed for roof sizes up to a max  200 sq metres
  • Unit weight 2.2 kg

This is the system to buy for rainwater cleaning.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 390 × 390 × 515 cm




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