220 Litre Dosing Tank Bund

Shipping:  £15 to Mainland UK

Diameter:  975 mm

Height: 400 mm




220 litre Dosing Tank Bund

Our 220L Dosing Tank Bund and is designed to hold up to 110% of the 50-litre chemical dosing tanks volume. This industrial quality dosing tank bund a one-piece seamless moulded tank manufactured from UV stabilised polyethene which is tough and durable.

This bund has a roll-top round the top of the tank gives this tank bund rigidity. All of these plastic tanks in our range are manufactured in chemically resistant MDPE.   This ensures that it is compatible with a wide range of chemical reagents.

For ease of storage, these 220 litre Chemical Storage Bunds are stable to enable easy storage when not in use or for transport.  Care should be taken when mounting pumps and equipment in the bund that this does not compromise the 110% bunding requirement and consideration should be giving to a larger size of chemical bund tank available.

Popular uses for our 220L Dosing Tank Bund:

  • Water treatment
  • Purification of water
  • Storage and mixing of chemicals
  • Performing flocculation, pH adjustments and disinfection of liquids

A tank bund provides an additional layer of containment to a dosing or batch tank.  This prevents the contents of the tank from inadvertently entering a watercourse or contaminating the surrounding land. They are important considering the nature of the chemical agents that can be stored in a dosing tank.  Each bund tank is designed to work with one of our dosing tanks.

Chemical Dosing Tank for 220 Litre Tank Bund:

This bund is is designed for the 200L chemical dosing tank.  When the dosing tank is placed into the bund, the top of the tank is then easily accessible for mounting of pumps, mixers, and fittings.

Delivery:  It is the customers responsibility to ensure there there are suitable offloading facilities, and also there should be someone there when the delivery arrives.

Additional information

Dimensions 975 × 975 × 400 cm


Tank Size

0 – 500 Litres


Black, Natural

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