2700 Litre GRP Pump Station

Length: 1600mm
Width: 1600mm
Height: 2000mm
Capacity: 2700L
Population Served: 1-18 (Shared domestic or small commercial applications)

Shipping: £115 + VAT direct to site, Mainland UK.

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Harlequin 2700 Litre Pumping Station is capable of providing 24-hour pump & storage capabilities for up to 18 people for domestic applications.
They can be specified for water/effluent including post wastewater treatment systems, sewage directly from the home, and applications requiring a grinder pump. Features include a high strength and easy to install GRP tank body, simple and effective pipework system, and market-leading DAB pump.

Durable & Stable Product – Made from high strength glass reinforced polyester material
Flat Base for Stability It is easy to transport and has a wide base for stability.
Easy to install – Simple yet effective pipework makes it extremely easy to install.
Saves Money – With an easy installation due to the systems compact size and lightweight
Low Maintenance – It also promotes low maintenance reducing costs.
Compact System – A perfect compact solution providing 24-hour pump & storage capabilities for up to 5 people for domestic applications.

Features of the 3200 litre Pump Station include:

  • 24-hours storage for domestic applications
  • Moulded from durable glass reinforced polyester material
  • 110mm inlet connection
  • 50mm or 63mm outlet connection (depending on pump type)*
  • 110mm services duct
  • Integrated lifting eyes for ease of handling and installation
  • Double sealed 600x600mm galvanised steel manhole cover
  • Brass gate valve and PVC Union connection for ease of servicing
  • Stainless steel pump lifting chain(s)
  • Pump options available for water effluent and sewage
  • Single and twin pump configurations
  • Non-return valve on all pumps
  • Control panel and float switches (twin pump configurations)
  • High-level alarm (twin pump configurations)
  • Guide rails (grinder pumps)

Shipping:  £115 + VAT direct to site, Mainland UK.  Terms and conditions apply.

Lead time: The lead time for the 3200PS, is estimated at 8 weeks, we will confirm this at the point of ordering.

Additional information

Weight 140 kg
Dimensions 160 × 160 × 200 cm
Tank Size


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