E.SYSBOX Mini 3 Boost pump

This E.SYSBOX Mini 3 boost pump is designed for the domestic and commercial market. Ideal for pumping water from wells, rainwater harvesting tanks and aqueducts

Shipping:  £55.00 to mainland UK.  Terms and conditions apply

Weight: 14.6kg



E.SYSBOX Mini 3 Boost pump

  • This pump is a 3-rotor model (NEW)
  • Good noise reduction and consumption of energy
  • NEW Wireless software updating
  • E.SYBOX MINI³ draws the required energy
  • 5.5 bar maximum working pressure
  • Maximum flow is 80 l/m,
  • Maximum head is 55m
  • It can be installed anywhere – vertical, horizontal or wall mounted
  • Efficient absorption of vibrations means the system is the quietest running booster pump of its kind on the market – 45db(A) at one metre
  • Dimensions:  439mm high, by 263mm wide by 236mm deep
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy access to the air vessel loading valve and non-return valve


Additional information

Weight 14.6 kg
Dimensions 236 × 263 × 439 cm

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Dark Green

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