Harlequin CAP 15 Continuous Aeration Plant

Harlequin CAP 15 Continuous Aeration Plant

Length 3615mm
Width 1620mm
Height 2140mm
Weight 600kg

Population serve: 13-15 people
Desludging Interval 12 months

Delivery: £175 To Mainland UK.  Terms and conditions apply.  Please call for a shipping quote if delivery is in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.  We deliver tanks direct to site.



Harlequin CAP15 Continuous Aeration Plant

The CAP15 is ideal for the domestic or commercial market; and is a perfect solution for up to 12 inhabitants (e.g. small commercial premises or 13-15 bedroom residential).

The CAP15 uses a bio-media systems and delivers a pollutant removal level of 96.2%, combating common problems associated with small packaged domestic plants such as media blockage and inadequate oxygen supply.

The CAP15 model can easily be installed using a 2.5-tonne mini digger resulting in simple, cost effective installation with minimal damage to the surrounding area.

The model has a quiet running compressor housed under the flat lid, therefore the operational use is virtually silent. It also dramatically reduces long term operating costs as, the only component that requires maintenance is the compressor.

The system is odourless as the waste is purified with micro-organisms during the treatment process, and is therefore an acceptable addition to the garden, or anywhere where it is housed near to the required working area.

CAP12 Continuous Aeration Plant Features:

    • UK Manufactured in high quality MDPE
    • Population served: 13-15
    • Organic load: 640g BODs/day
    • Pollutant Removal of 96%
    • Desludging: every 12 months
    • Nominal hydraulic load 1,800 litres/day
    • Total capacity 4,475 litres
    • Energy used 2.5kWh/day

These sewage treatment plants replace the septic tanks as the septic tanks are no longer legal.

Warranty:10 years

Shipping: £175 to Mainland UK.



Additional information

Weight 600 kg
Dimensions 3615 × 1620 × 2140 cm


Tank Size

4,200 – 5,000 Litres

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