Helena Water Butt

Height: 1200mm

Width: 780mm diameter maximum

Footprint (base): 480mm diameter

Capacity: 300 litres



This range of feature water butts are designed as elegant features to enhance your garden, whilst providing a practical solution as functional water butts.
They are all moulded from UV resistant PE plastic, which is fully recyclable. This means they will not fade or degrade even in direct sunlight.

The Helena is an amphora effect water butt. Its antique terracotta style finish brings an aura of ancient Greece to your garden. A unique feature of this water butt is the double sided finish, with one side being more heavily distressed than the other, giving you a choice of appearance.


  • 300 litre capacity
  • Removable child-proof lid
  • 1 brass threaded drain-down point near the base
  • 2 alternative tap points – one on each face
  • 3/4″ BSP brass bib tap
  • Wall fixing bracket and screws

We recommend the Filter Connector Universal as a connector and filter all in one.

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