LiquiLevel AV Automatic Float Valve



LiquiLevel AV Automatic Float Valve

LiquiLevel AV valve is ideal for water tanks which are filled with mains water or a pressure system controlled by a pump. The Liquilevel AV valve gives a level difference which is adjustable from 50mm to 2500mm which minimises staring and stopping of running water or the pump system which helps prolong the life of both pumps and valves. This automatic valve is also designed for use with Rainwater harvesting systems as a automatic mains top-up valve.

Water storage tank, Fire fighting reservoirs, water tower and spray equipment.

Working principle
▪ The Liquilevel AV Valve is installed at the top of the tank. It fits easily through the wall of the tank or screws directly into a threaded tank or bulkhead fitting.
▪ As the tank empties, the float travels down the cord until it rests on the level stopper. The valve then opens immediately to fill tank with water.
▪ As the water is discharged, the valve stays open and the float rises until it hits the level adjuster. This lifts the float arm and the valve shuts down.
▪ If a pump is used to fill the tank, set the pressure switch to turn the pump off at a pressure at least one bar above the running pressure.

▪ High flow valve
▪ Start and stop levels can easily be adjusted to give water level differentials from 50mm (2”) to 2500mm (8´)
▪ Keeps pump operation to a minimum.
▪ Compatible with all makes of tanks.
▪ Choice of valve sizes. 3/4” to 2”

Additional information

Outlet Option

1 1/4", 1.5", 1", 2", 3/4"

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