QuickStop Advance – Adjustable

Adjustable length by up to 60mm

Full bore: adjustable at point 1: 0 to 30 degrees

Shipping: £15.00 to UK mainland



QuickStop Advance – Adjustable

The QuickStop Advance Adjustable has been designed as a replacement to the conventional ballcock valve often found in water tanks to protect booster pumps. The QuickStop operates using an ingenious invention.  The arm that controls the valve, has another adjustment halfway along, whereby the arm starts to move upwards from the pivot along with the rising water, and when it gets to the end of its movement, it lifts the main part of the arm shutting the valve instantly (with no dribbling or seeping)  going instantly from fully open to fully closed.

This therefore prevents the repeated stop/start cycling of pumps when filling tanks or cisterns. These QuickStop valves are hydraulic water level regulators with a hydraulically operated closure. One of the advantages of the QuickStop is that it is full bore, in other words, no flow restriction. Thus the double action prevents pulsing, an instant action.

The arm on this Adjustable version is easily altered by both length and mounting angle to sit where the float sits relative to the regulator. Setting these two points allows for precise control of the regulator, which is opened or closed by the movement of the float.  That is, being adjustable, it allows the water level to be maintained below the overflow.

For tanks fed off a pumped system, this is the perfect buy.

There are a choice of bore sizes, please specify when ordering.

Features of the QuickStop Advance – Standard:

  • Variety of BSP Connections: 1/2”, 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/4″ or 1 1/2″
  • Full bore
  • Lightweight hard wearing plastic
  • Easy to install


To mainland UK – £15.00

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1 1/4", 1.5", 1", 1/2", 3/4"

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