Tungsten 5000 Litre Vertical Plastic AdBlue® Dispensing Tank

Nominal Capacity:  5016L

Brimfull Capacity:  5280L

Length: 2818mm including cabinet

Width:  2138mm

Height: 2160mm

Footprint: 2818mm x 2130mm

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Tungsten 5000L Vertical Plastic AdBlue® Dispensing Tank


This 5000L AdBlue Dispensing Tank and liquid storage tank has storage for 5000 litres.  This vertical tank is bunded which means there is a tank within a tank. The Inner storage tank is produced with an ‘translucent inner tank finish’.   It is in this tank that the AdBlue is stored.   In the unlikely case of a spillage, the outer tank supplies the required safety bund.   This has 110% of the  tank’s capacity, to be able to catch the contents.  Therefore, this robust tank provides a safe storage, and dispensing facility for Adblue.

AdBlue is a solution of urea in demineralised water (32.5%).  It is used as a fluid in the latest generation of diesel-powered Euro4 and Euro5 trucks. We mention that it is not a fuel additive.  In vehicles, it is stored in a separate tank than the diesel, and the usage of AdBlue lies at 3 to 5% of the diesel usage.

Using Polyethylene, and moulded in a rotational moulding process, this tank is a stress-free product.  The Polymer used includes additives which make it resistant to harmful UV rays from the sun.  With correct installation, and general on-going care, they have a long lifetime ahead of them with very little or no maintenance required.  They are extremely robust and very resilient and are able to withstand the most extreme conditions from the elements.

This tank is available as just an AdBlue Storage tank, or for the Dispensing Tank please look at the following options. Please choose from the options selection.

Optional Additional Features for the 5000L AdBlue Dispensing Tank:

  • 6 metre delivery hose as standard
  • AdBlue Pump Unit
  • Flow Meter
  • Todo Dry Break Fitting
  • Apollo Visual Gauge with Bund Alarm
  • Hydrostatic Gauge
  • Overfill Prevention Device*
  • Timer cut-out

Please do not hesitate to call us on 01953 665940 if you need assistance.

Warranty Details:
AdBlue Dispensing Tanks have a 5 year warranty.

Pumps and Filstops carry 1 year warranty.

Hoses, nozzles and seals carry a 3 month warranty.

Liability Statement
Please contact us in the case of faulty tanks, but we accept no liability for loss of fuel and/or environment or property damage due to spillage of fuel from a Single Skin Tank. BS5410 Standard requires a fuel tank to have a 20 year life expectancy.

Additional information

Dimensions 2818 × 2138 × 2160 cm

Tungsten Tanks



Tank Size

4,200 – 5,000 Litres

Pump Options

With pump set, Without pump set

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