Turret Extension for Underground Tanks

*** Easy Installation***

Height: 735mm (round)   820mm (square)

Diameter: 620 mm



Turret Extension for Underground Tanks

These extension turrets are designed and molded to fit onto the range of Enduramaxx underground tanks that we supply.  If the underground tank requires a housing at the top of the manway, or the manway doesn’t reach the surface, these turrets are the answer.  The turret is suitable to be underground.

The square turrets are suitable for adding to potable underground tanks:

  • 800L   (VTP-80)
  • 1100L (VTP-110)
  • 1400L (VTP-140)
  • 1700L (VTP-170)
  • 2000L (VTP-200)
  • 4400L (VTP-440)
  • 7000L (VTP-700)
  • 9500L (VTP-050)

This is for both the flat bottomed and tapered bases.  The square turret lids have the breather holes at each end.

The round turrets are suitable for adding to non-potable underground tanks:

  • 4400L (VTR-440)
  • 9500L (VTR-950)

The round turret has a breather hole at one end.

Both turrets are manufactured in black, by default.

Shipping is FREE if the extension turret is purchased along with the tank.  If the turret is shipped separately please give us a call for a price.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that there is adequate unloading at the delivery address.  If you should need unloading assistance, please do not hesitate to call us to arrange, eg a hiab delivery.

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