Protect your fuel with security tanks

Diesel is a valuable asset – are you protecting it from theft?

The changes in use for red diesel bring challenges for the construction industry in particular. Diesel fuel on site is now much more valuable and prone to theft, so there’s a need for secure, restricted access. This is especially so currently with high prices and supply issues.

All of our plastic or steel fuel points and fuel stations come with lockable cabinets, and the new steel cube range are also portable for site use.

Plastic in steel combined tanks – extra security and durability

This is a new Tungsten Tanks product  combining the attributes of a plastic tank and the durability and security of a steel bund and cabinet. The nozzle, hose, pump and flowmeter are all neatly stowed inside the lockable top cabinet.

The Tungsten plastic in steel tank provides the ideal solution for longevity and security; and features the following:

  • 1220mm (4ft) square robust steel design outer with an inner plastic tank.
  • 1250 litre size takes a 1000 litre fill each time without having to totally empty the tank.
  • Forklift points on the base make for ease of movement and positioning for empty tanks.
  • 12v / 24v pump, 35 / 70 litres/min.
  • Hand pump available as an alternative.
  • Fitted with a flowmeter as standard.
  • 10 micron particulate filter to keep your fuel clean.
  • Built-in door lock for the cabinet.
  • Manual dispensing nozzle fitted  as standard.
  • Automatic nozzles available as an alternative.

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.