Salt Bins & Coal Bunkers – don’t let the cold catch you out!

Medium Salt Bin, Medium Grit Bin, 400kg Salt Bin, 400kg Salt Bunker, Harlequin Salt Bin, SB2, Salt Bin, Grit Bin

At Tanks-UK we’ve had the foresight to stock up on grit bins or salt bins, and coal bunkers for the coming winter; we strongly recommend you take advantage of our stocks whilst they last!

Now the forecasts are all pointing to an unusually cold November, and an even colder December.  According to MSN, Met Office meteorologist John West said: “Our current guidance is that temperatures are looking like they are going to be below average by mid-November. There is a greater likelihood of some overnight frosts as well as some snow over higher ground in the North.”

The Express reports UK is facing the coldest and harshest winter for almost a decade with heavy, early snowfall threatening to blanket the nation by Christmas

Overnight, we could find ourselves going from this…..                        … this!!


Forecasters’ long range projections have been showing for a while that December is likely to be a colder than average and they expect several widespread snowy periods at the beginning of the month.

The Harlequin salt and grit bunkers Tanks-UK supply are durable in all weather conditions, and have been tested in extreme operational conditions.  Supplied in a high visibility finish, these bunkers are the first choice in both public and private salt storage. They are easily stackable when empty, which saves you valuable storage and transport space.  The smallest grit bin or salt bin holds 150kg, and the largest can accommodate capacity of 700kg.

The coal bunker range has been designed to provide secure and weatherproof storage and access to coal or other solid fuels, whilst at the same time being lightweight and compact.  The smallest bunker has a 150kg capacity and can hold approximately 3 bags of group 2 household coal, and the largest at 500kg can hold about 10 bags.

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