Adapted and customised tanks – you’ve probably seen our huge range of plastic tanks, but did you know we can adapt them to your needs?

For instance, the AdBlue™ dispensing tanks and diesel fuel points.

3500L bunded adblue dispenser

Since these are both consumables, you probably need to monitor usage, per week, per vehicle, per user, etc. This is where we can help. We can adapt the standard dispensing tanks by the addition of a fuel management system so you can keep track of what is going on. This, of course is also a deterrent to theft as it is controlled by pre-programmed fobs which you issue specific to a driver or vehicle. The systems work with software which can be set up to record individual registration numbers, driver names or whatever way you wish to record the usage.


Then there are various different nozzles available – including an automatic metered nozzle – which can be fitted in place of the standard ones.






The CEMO™ or Portafuel portable fuel tanks can also be adapted and customised to suit your specific requirements.

They are designed to fit on vehicles for refuelling away from base and there are a variety of options and adaptations we can offer on this type of tank.

440 litre Portafuel Adblue skid unit, Atlantis, AdBlue dispensing transport tank, Blue cover, grey plasticDT-Mobile Easy 440L with lid

These are just some of the substitutions from, or additions to, the standard product that we can provide.

Special fittings

If you have a particular challenge to solve, we can even get specially welded fittings to replace standard ones.

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email info@tanks-uk.com with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.

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