Sometimes a bowser doesn’t have wheels…

If you need to move fuel and/or AdBlue® around a site for refuelling; or you need a portable source of water, it is often more convenient to have a tank on the back of your vehicle rather than towing a bowser. There’s a wide range of different versions available which are designed for this very purpose.

One of the things which has to be considered in selecting a size of portable tank is the GVW of the vehicle. It is not only the weight of the tank that you will be adding but the weight of the liquid as well. If you are unsure, ask us for advice on this.

DiesePortable Skid Units Diesel, 230 litre Portafuel dispensing transport tank, Atlantis, Orange Cover, Grey plasticl and AdBlue® portable tanks

DT-Mobile Easy COMBI 440/50 Litre

This option is ideal for construction sites, agriculture/horticulture, private estates and parks, where there’s a need for refuelling vehicles working away from base.  There are separate tanks available, or the very convenient twin tank (DT Mobile-Easy Combi). This has both a diesel tank and an AdBlue® tank set within a larger cube bund, and both with their own refuelling pumps and nozzles.

Up to 1000 litres size can be carried on a vehicle on public roads without most of the restrictions of the ADR regulations, as they come under the category of ‘small loads’. One of the requirements is that the bowser tank is not permanently fixed to a vehicle.  It is recognised that they need to be strapped in temporarily for safety.  This is why this type of tank has moulded in slots for load strapping.

Steel skid-mounted fuel bowsers

2000 litre transportable ADR Approved fuel tank

Maybe you need the durability of a painted steel tank, or you might want a tank painted in your own corporate colours. Tanks-UK’s range of steel skid bowsers is your best option in this case. There is a standard range from 450 litre to 3000 litre sizes. The ADR regulations will apply in full to the 2000 litre and 3000 litre sizes (unless you have agricultural exemption), but the 1000 litre and below will be classified ‘small loads’ as mentioned above.

The standard colours are blue, brown, green, red or yellow – but they can be painted in the RAL colour of your choice. Ask us for a quote on this if you’d like to match corporate colours.

Tungsten Tanks Plastic in Steel transportable tank

The new Tungsten Tanks plastic in steel tank provides the ideal solution for longevity and security. It features a 1250 litre plastic tank totally enclosed within a 1200mm square steel tank with secure lockable cabinet door. The nozzle, hose, pump and flowmeter are all neatly stowed inside the top cabinet.

Portable water tanks

There are a lot of situations where the only answer is a water tank suitable for use in or on a vehicle. Some examples of this would be for window cleaners, mobile valeting services or mobile pressure washing. Tanks-UK’s range of portable skid mounted water tanks are supplied with baffles.

You might ask – what are baffles? They are either deep grooves moulded into the tank or, in some cases, special baffle balls within the tank which stop the water from sloshing around and destabilising a vehicle whilst in transit. They are pretty much essential for safety especially in the larger tanks.

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email info@tanks-uk.com with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.

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