The definition of effluent is basically ‘an outflowing of waste liquid’. But rarely can liquid waste from farms and industry literally outflow directly into a watercourse, the ground, or even a soakaway drain. If not treated at source, there will be an environmental requirement for storage tanks for safe containment prior to collection by a waste contractor.

Underground Effluent tanks

When it comes to industrial or agricultural effluent, it is often better to store liquids underground. It takes up less ground space and there is less likelihood of spills from draining into the tanks or pumping out. Tanks-UK offers the GRP range by SPEL, as a solution for underground liquid storage of all types. These are glass reinforced plastic, corrosion resistant and with an excellent strength to weight ratio. They have a service life of more than 50 years with a 25-year warranty, and can be customised in different ways to suit the specific application.

Another alternative is the plastic underground tanks manufactured by Enduramaxx.

These come in a range of sizes up to 9500 litres (pictured).

Above Ground Effluent tanks

The SPEL range of tanks also includes GRP above ground tanks suited to liquid waste storage – either horizontal or vertical types. Our Enduramaxx heavy duty plastic range includes a number of tanks which are ideal for effluent storage, whether on farms or industrial locations. Again, these can be in horizontal or vertical format.

Tanks-UK supplies all the pumps and pipework you need for this type of application, and we can arrange installation on site for you.

Waste Oil Tanks

Did you know that Waste Oil Tanks also come under the Oil Storage Regulations? You can be assured that the tanks supplied by Tanks-UK fully comply with the regulations. Tanks designed to store waste oil, prior to collection for recycling or disposal, have larger than normal inlets with a strainer and/or tun dish. They are available as bunded plastic or steel tanks, up to 2500 litres capacity as standard. Larger sizes can be manufactured in the steel range, as these are made to order.

Harlequin 2500 litre Bunded Waste Oil tanks, Plastic Waste Oil Tanks 2200 litre steel waste oil tank

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email info@tanks-uk.com with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.

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