Sectional Steel Tanks explained

How does it work? As the name implies, these tanks are constructed on site from preformed steel sections. They are basically the same construction as used for agricultural grain, feed or fertiliser silos.  Constructed from high quality structural grade steel, they have a heavy duty galvanised coating on both sides to protect against rust for […]

Rainwater harvesting – sustainability

The ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of rainwater harvesting. Harvesting rainwater off the roofs of your buildings is a very easy way to save water, as explained below. As to ‘why’ – well, there are so many reasons why rainwater harvesting is a good idea that we might very well ask, “why not?”. How it works – […]

Fuel Storage Tanks

Fuel storage covers kerosene (otherwise known as heating oil), red diesel, ‘white’ (standard) diesel and HVO, in the main. Some tanks are suitable for petrol storage but because of the flammability of petrol, this is covered by specific regulations. Agricultural and Industrial use Fuel oil is used in many areas to power heaters as well as vehicles. And, of course if you […]

Why would you need a water bowser?

Tungsten Tanks Water Bowsers Tanks-UK supply water bowsers from stock, manufactured and adapted by our sister company Tungsten Tanks. They are available as site tow for off-road use; or road tow for fully highway compliant use.  In the hotter, drier weather of the summer season they really come into their own for transportation and distribution […]

Waste Oil – what you need to know

Recycling of waste oil Whether it is cooking oil, hydraulic oil or engine lubricating oil, yes, it can be recycled.  The recycling of waste oil is not a new technology – it has been around for some years.  But it has grown in significance more recently as we search for more sustainable solutions. Environmental considerations […]

Spotlight on Enduramaxx products – for quick delivery

Enduramaxx tanks are manufactured and stocked in the UK for immediate despatch Tanks-UK supply the Enduramaxx range of tanks, which are rotationally moulded from UV stabilised PE (or other plastic in some cases for increased chemical resistance) in different colours and configurations. They are constructed in one piece with no seams which could split and […]

Effluent Bulk Storage Tanks

The definition of effluent is basically ‘an outflowing of waste liquid’. But rarely can liquid waste from farms and industry literally outflow directly into a watercourse, the ground, or even a soakaway drain. If not treated at source, there will be an environmental requirement for storage tanks for safe containment prior to collection by a […]

Chemical Bulk Storage Tanks

In industry, agriculture or horticulture there is often a need for safe bulk storage of chemicals and often this requires a means of dispensing as well. Of course, ‘chemicals’ is a very broad term, and could include many low hazard, non-toxic substances such as molasses used in animal feed; as well as the more hazardous […]

Bowsers – what are they used for?

See it at Cereals! – Stand 650 What is a bowser, and what can they be used for? In the UK at least they are portable tanks. The name originally comes from an American inventor, Sylvanus Bowser, who is credited with the invention of the first service station petrol pump, so strictly speaking they should only […]

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