Fuel storage covers kerosene (otherwise known as heating oil), red diesel, ‘white’ (standard) diesel and HVO, in the main. Some tanks are suitable for petrol storage but because of the flammability of petrol, this is covered by specific regulations.

Agricultural and Industrial use

Fuel oil is used in many areas to power heaters as well as vehicles. And, of course if you have a backup generator, chances are you’ll need a diesel tank to fuel it.

Some of the main uses for fuel storage tanks are:

🌾 Grain Dryers

🏭 Warehouse Heating

⛽ Refuelling Systems

⚡ Power Generators

How Tanks-UK can help

As Tanks-UK are specialists with a large range of products to choose from, why not let us advise you on the best product to suit your application?  If you are looking to replace an old fuel tank, or you need one to fit in a particular space, we can quote you for the best option, or even alternative options. For industrial, commercial and agricultural use, the tanks will be the bunded type (a ‘tank within a tank’) to contain the contents in the unlikely event of an internal failure. This is a requirement for environmental protection.

Steel or Plastic?

8050L Bunded Oil Tank

450 litre Steel Bunded Oil Tank, 100 gallons, TF450B2500ITE Bunded Oil Tank, 2500ITE Oil Storage Tank Installed

It is often a matter of individual choice, but as a rule, Steel tanks are rectangular in shape, and more rigid and durable than plastic tanks, with a 10-year warranty and an expected 20 to 30 year service life. Although they come in Green as standard, they can be painted in the colour of your choice.

Plastic tanks on the other hand, can be rectangular or circular, slimline or squat. They are easier to reposition (when empty) and they are corrosion resistant. They are also cheaper than steel tanks for their capacity.

See our earlier blog posts during May for more detail on the regulations around fuel storage and the different types of tanks: https://www.tanks-uk.com/fuel-storage-diesel-hvo-plastic-tanks/  and https://www.tanks-uk.com/fuel-storage-hvo-and-diesel-in-steel-tanks/.

Accessories and options

Both steel and plastic tanks offer a choice of options to complete the installation of fuel storage tanks. These consist of:


Fuel tanks should always be installed by a competent, qualified person – normally this will be OFTEC registered or equivalent. If it is a new installation you will likely need Building Regulations approval, and on farms Environment Agency approval.  The Government guidance webpage is the first port of call to check what regulations may apply: https://www.gov.uk/oil-storage-regulations-and-safety

Tanks-UK can arrange installation by one of our qualified installers, or you can arrange it yourself if you already have an approved contractor.

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email info@tanks-uk.com with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.

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