Recycling of waste oil

Whether it is cooking oil, hydraulic oil or engine lubricating oil, yes, it can be recycled.  The recycling of waste oil is not a new technology – it has been around for some years.  But it has grown in significance more recently as we search for more sustainable solutions.

Environmental considerations – what are the rules and regulations?

Control of pollution is key to storage of waste oil.  The tanks must be bunded and secure to prevent any escape of waste oil to watercourses or into the ground.

Depending on the type and amount stored, the Oil Storage Regulations may apply; and the Environmental Permitting (England & Wales) Regs 2010 may also apply for larger storage tanks. Similar legislation exists in Scotland and Northern Ireland. The UK Government website has a useful information page: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/storing-oil-at-a-home-or-business#oil-types

Mineral oils are classified as hazardous waste, and come under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regs (COSHH) which includes disposal.

All waste oil, correctly stored, must be disposed of via a registered waste carrier equipped to collect oil.

What’s different about waste oil tanks?

Waste oil tanks are purposed designed.  They have a large lid at the top covering the inlet, which is a wide opening with a tundish and often a removeable strainer in case the oil is contaminated with solid particles.

What is a tundish? In this context it is effectively a funnel with a filter. The purpose of a tundish is to prevent contamination of the contents.

They don’t have an outlet at the bottom. This is mainly for pollution prevention. The waste oil will be pumped out into a tanker using a hose.

Range of variants

Waste oil tanks are available as plastic or steel tanks.

Plastic tanks are all fully standard and there are slimline variants to fit into narrow spaces. Sizes range from 350 litre which is a small circular tank, up to 2500 litre (2 products) which are the horizontal type tanks.

Steel tanks come as standard in sizes from 700 to 2250 litre capacity. They all have full width steel runners so that the tank itself is not directly on the ground, and they are available in a range of colours. Steel tanks can also be made to order in bespoke sizes, so you can fit them into a specific area.

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