In industry, agriculture or horticulture there is often a need for safe bulk storage of chemicals and often this requires a means of dispensing as well.

Of course, ‘chemicals’ is a very broad term, and could include many low hazard, non-toxic substances such as molasses used in animal feed; as well as the more hazardous such as concentrated acids and alkalis, so let’s look at this in more detail.

Plastic chemical storage tanks

The Enduramaxx range of tanks is highly suited to bulk chemical storage and there are a number of specialised products within the standard range, with variations of colour and fittings available. These tanks are rotationally moulded and the chemical tanks have an increased wall thickness over against the water tanks. This makes them more suited to liquids with a specific gravity of up to 1.5SG.

Polyethylene or Polypropylene? High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is the standard material for these chemical tanks as it is practically chemically inert and very durable at ambient temperatures. Polypropylene tanks are available as an option where there is a need for bulk storing liquids at higher temperatures as it is more heat resistant than polyethylene.

Black or Natural colour tanks? The reason for this choice is mainly related to the type of use and location. Where bulk tanks are situated indoors, or for liquids unaffected by sunlight, the Natural tanks are very useful in that the semi-translucency of the plastic makes for easy viewing of liquid levels. Opaque Black tanks are a better solution where liquid storage could be affected by the UV rays of the sun, and are more often chosen for outdoor bulk storage. Other opaque colours are available at extra cost and could be useful if you need to colour code different chemicals in storage for quick identification.

Molasses or Fertiliser tanks

These are tanks designed for agricultural use, and there are a variety of types. The vertical cylindrical tanks are ideally suited for outdoor static bulk storage. Horizontal transport tanks are available in sizes up to 13,000 litre capacity for bulk transporting of fertiliser, or liquid animal feed, to location. Transport tanks can be used as a sprayer feed tank. These tanks have moulded in baffles to stabilise the liquid in transit. They also have a unique pin mounting system for trailers, eliminating the need for mounting straps.

Cone tanks

These are almost the ‘classic’ chemical storage and dispensing tanks. There is a wide variety of sizes up to 30,000 litres, and several different gradients of the cone base, depending on your application. The cone base tanks are also very suited to bulk powder or granule storage and dispensing, being a gravity feed system. Cone tanks are available with or without frames but in most applications they would be frame mounted. Other options depending on usage are external bunds, open top, vented lids or unvented lids.

Cone tanks are also widely used in the brewing and winemaking industries. They are of course suitable for other food and drink industry, liquid or powder storage.

Mixing tanks

In industrial applications the cone base or vertical tanks can be fitted with mixing equipment for various substances and are used in the food and drink industries as well as chemical supply and cosmetics industries. The image shows a cutaway to illustrate the mixing blade

Chemical dosing tanks

This type of tank is usually a smaller tank with gradations marked on it. Typically they would be used for treating effluent by chemical dosing, or for supply to mixing tanks. They can also be used as mixing tanks in their own right.

Plastic welded tanks

There is also the option of specially fabricated chemical storage tanks, using plastic welding methods to create the ideal tank for your specific needs. These are totally bespoke.  In one case study Tanks-UK provided a plastic fabricated split dip tank, with three compartments – for degreasing, paint stripping and wash-off.  Here’s a link to an earlier blog on this type of tank: https://www.tanks-uk.com/fabricated-plastic-tanks-and-accessories/

Underground Chemical tanks

For large bulk storage it is sometimes more appropriate to store liquids underground. There are standard plastic underground storage tanks, but for extra durability and chemical resistance, the GRP range by SPEL is ideal. They have a service life of up to 50 years and a 25-year warranty. In order to get the right specification, pipework and pumps we would need full details of what the tank is to be used for. We can then provide a spec sheet and quotation tailored to your application.

Stainless Steel chemical tanks

There are certain substances or applications for which stainless steel is really the only option. For instance some solvents will degrade plastics; or it may be a requirement where liquids have to be stored and dispensed at higher temperatures. Tanks-UK can supply you with stainless steel tanks to suit this type of application.

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email info@tanks-uk.com with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.

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