Did you know that Tanks-UK stock some of the most popular products?

Our Tungsten Tanks range spans a number of different product categories and a selection of these are kept in stock at our own premises, ready for immediate delivery.

5000L Vertical Dispensing

Fuel Dispensers

Whether on farms or industrial premises, the 5000 litre fuel dispenser is one of our most popular sizes. Which is why we stock, amongst others, the Tungsten Plastic Bunded Fuel Dispenser in 5000 litre size. This sturdy tank is available in its basic form complete with pump, hose and nozzle, or the Premium specification which also includes a flowmeter and an Apollo Gauge for more accurate dispensing and contents monitoring. It comes with a 5-year warranty as well.

Site Tow Water Bowsers

Water bowser units are a simple way to transport fresh water wherever you need it. Our Tungsten range of water bowsers are suitable for potable (drinkable) or non-potable water. Site tow water bowsers are especially suited for water supply at outdoor events, for livestock watering or for construction site use. The large ventilated lids of these bowsers make for easy filling. 1200 litre or 2000 litre capacity bowsers are readily available from stock. They are pre-fitted with a quarter-turn valve tap and supplied with a hose, but if you require pumps or other fittings we can also fit these for you from our stock.

Road Tow Bowsers

Should you have a need for highway towing of a water bowser, or indeed for transportation of other liquids, we also have stock of the Tungsten fully road-legal bowsers. These have twin axles, mudguards, trailer boards, etc as standard, so that they meet the regulations for towing on the public highway.

Another option from stock is our ‘off fleet’ used steel road tow bowsers, which have previously been out on hire. This is an economic way to buy a refurbished and perfectly sound bowser at a lower price than a new one. Ask us for details of what is available as stock varies.

Tungsten Plastic Oil Tanks

Looking to replace your oil tank before winter? No need to wait several weeks for delivery if you choose one from our Tungsten stock range. These are normally stocked in a whole range of sizes from 1000 litres up to 8050 litres.1000L Bunded Oil tank

This means that we have tanks suitable for domestic heating oil storage, agricultural or industrial use, for quick delivery wherever they are needed. These robust, moulded MDPE (medium density polyethylene) tanks are fully integrally bunded and have a 10-year warranty, apart from the fittings which have a 1-year warranty. The only sizes in this range not normally stocked are the 750 litre and the Low Profile 1200 litre.

2000 litre Steel Cube TankTungsten Steel Cube Tanks

Here’s a solution to the need for secure and safe, transportable steel fuel tanks. The Tungsten range of cube tanks are manufactured in the UK and designed to be transportable, with lifting eyes and forklift pocket.

They can be mounted on trailers or flat-bed trucks; but they are also ideal for siting on construction sites or other areas where temporary fuel storage is needed. We usually have stock of these in 1000 litre or 2000 litre sizes.

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email info@tanks-uk.com with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.

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