Manufactured and stocked in the UK

Tanks-UK has a range of new products from for commercial, industrial or domestic markets, all manufactured in the UK. Some of these are very different from the run-of-the-mill products as you can see below.

       IBC Bund Pallets

IBC Bund Pallets are designed specifically for Intermediate Bulk Containers, better known as IBC’s. If you are using IBC’s for storage of hazardous chemicals, you must have a bund to prevent spillage causing environmental pollution.

The concept is also discussed in more detail in our earlier blog post about a different product range: https://www.tanks-uk.com/spotlight-on-cemo-products-for-quick-delivery/

Poly IBC Bunds are available in single or twin sizes, in Black, Yellow, Red or Green. This means that you can colour code for storage of different substances. An innovative extra feature is an optional frame and cover, to provide extra weather protection for outside storage of IBCs. These bund pallets comply with regulations in that they have the capacity for 110% of the contents of two standard 1000 litre IBC’s. They are very strong and durable, being one-piece moulded with removable slot-in plastic grilles on top. The grilles are removable to allow pumping out of the bund should it be necessary. It has no inbuilt drainage points, to ensure it cannot leak.

AdBlue® Spill Kits and Bund Pallets

If you purchase AdBlue® in bulk, you may decide to keep it in the IBC rather than transfer to a separate dispensing tank. In this case we have a specific IBC Bund Pallet for AdBlue® IBC’s. It is blue in colour to identify the product, and has 4-way forklift access for positioning on site.

There is also a portable spill kit for this product, which everyone who dispenses AdBlue® should have. By nature of the product, there is a fair chance some may be spilt at some stage during dispensing, therefore to protect the environment, a spill kit should be to hand to ensure safe mop-up and disposal.

Large Slimline Tanks

We can now offer larger water tanks in a slimline version. Illustrated here is the 1900 litre size which is just 720mm wide, so it is ideal to slot in to spaces between buildings or between a building and a boundary wall or fence.

Insulated Water Tanks

Another useful product to protect against water freezing in outdoor tanks during winter or in cold climates. Tanks for non-potable water are available in sizes from 710 litres up to a whopping 10,000 litres. The insulated tanks are constructed as an integral bunded tank – i.e. a tank within a tank – and the inner tank is wrapped in insulating material. They are available for potable (drinking) water (up to 500 litres) or non-potable, and suitable for domestic, industrial or agricultural use. They can be used as rainwater collection tanks or for mains water storage.

Water Butts

Whether in domestic gardens, private estate gardens, glasshouses, smallholdings or allotments, water butts are the basic form of rainwater harvesting. Here we have a UK manufactured range in a variety of colours and some ultra-slimline designs to fit in with your landscaping and  save space. They are an attractive stone-effect finish and are available with equally attractive stands.

There are also water butts which double as planters – either rectangular or cylindrical. Again, these are available in the same attractive range of colours: Black Marble, White Marble, Green Marble, Sandstone, Millstone, and even Red or Purple.

Illuminated Planters

Make a statement with a really interesting new product – take a look at the illuminated planters. These are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. They would make a great statement in the foyer or reception area of a business premises, but equally would be ideal for evening ambience in an outdoor eating area at home. They would also be ideal for restaurants or pubs. Frost-resistant, with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, these planters have rechargeable Lithium batteries so do not require wiring, and come complete with a remote control. The lighting effect can be set to various static colours, or to change colour in sequence. You could even have a different coloured planter every day of the week!


Note – as this range is new to Tanks-UK not many of the products are yet detailed on the website so please give us a call for further information, spec sheets and prices.

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email info@tanks-uk.com with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.


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