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Tanks-UK are distributors and stockists of Harlequin’s range of plastic tanks and fuel dispensers. If there’s an item we don’t have in stock, it can be sent out directly from the factory to your delivery address, saving time for you.

Take a look as well at our recent blog post on Harlequin tanks stocked by Tanks-UK

Heatstream® electric

The innovative Heatstream® range of water heaters was introduced in 2018, and has been updated further since. They are rotationally moulded plastic tanks combined with a water heater coil, giving the advantage of mains pressure water supply without the disadvantage of large quantities of heated water stored under pressure. The unique coil that forms the essential core to this unit provides instant hot water when required. They are highly energy efficient and easily installed, reducing costs of installation.

These compact double-skinned water cylinders are ideal for domestic or small commercial applications. The inner tank is made from non-corrosive polypropylene and the outer tank from polyethylene for durability.

Another advantage is low cost of maintenance, since they don’t require annual service inspections.

UGD2500 2500 Litre Underground Double Walled Oil TankUnderground tanks

What would you use an underground tank for?  Well, Harlequin have two main ranges available – the underground oil tanks for safe, secure storage of heating oil; and underground water tanks which are primarily designed for non-potable water or rainwater harvesting. These would be suitable for domestic or industrial installations. The underground oil tanks can be found here.  Underground water tanks from Harlequin are found here.

Sewage Treatment plants

The other type of underground tank (for sewage) is a bit more complex, but the Harlequin Sewage Treatment plants are designed to be easy to install, low maintenance and highly efficient in use. The sizes available range from a small unit for a single house with up to 6 people to the Hydroclear® 50 which has the capacity to serve several houses, or for small hotels, camping and caravanning sites, holiday cottages, etc.

2500 Litre Waste Oil Tank, 2500L Plastic Waste Oil Tank, Industrial Tank, Harlequin Waste Oil Tank, ORB2500Waste Oil Tanks

Then there is the issue of storage of waste oil ready for collection for recycling or disposal. This would often be a requirement in industrial or agricultural applications. Harlequin have a range of neat above ground tanks specifically designed for waste oil storage, meeting all environmental standards and easy to use with a large tundish and a removable strainer and with a lockable lid.

Fuel Dispensers

At the other end of the spectrum, we have the storage and dispensing of fuel. Harlequin have fuel dispensers in sizes ranging from 1300 to 9250 litres, so there is something for everyone, whether you have a small commercial fleet or a larger fleet, or on a farm for agricultural vehicles.

Tanks-UK do stock some of the most common sizes of fuel dispensers, but for the sizes not in stock, Harlequin can supply directly from their extensive range. These have been described in earlier blog posts: https://www.tanks-uk.com/fuel-dispensers/  and https://www.tanks-uk.com/spotlight-on-harlequin-tanks-and-quick-delivery/

AdBlue® Dispensers

Where you are dispensing diesel, there is a fair chance you will also need to dispense AdBlue®.  What better than to supplement a Harlequin fuel dispenser with a matching AdBlue® dispenser? These are manufactured in an unmistakable bright shade of blue for instant identification. The sizes are similar, ranging from 1400 to 9250 litres.


Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email info@tanks-uk.com with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.


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