For more explanation of the meaning and use of bowsers see our earlier blog post here: https://www.tanks-uk.com/bowsers-what-are-they-used-for/

Tanks-UK will be showcasing our Tungsten Tanks water bowsers at the Doe Show 2023. Come and visit our stand to see the bowsers and talk to us about your requirements.

What types of water bowsers are available?

The basic water bowsers are available as site tow or highway tow versions, or skid-mounted. The tanks are WRAS approved for potable water when ordered in Black or Boat Blue (Natural is also WRAS approved for short-term use but not recommended for longer term storage of potable water due to the possibility of UV light promoting algal growth).

Site tow bowsers, as the name implies, are designed for transport of water around a farm, commercial site, event site, construction site or private estate roads. They are not road legal for public roads in the UK. UK-made Tungsten Tanks bowsers are available from stock and come equipped with towing eye and pneumatic tyres, with various extra options available, as described below.

Highway tow bowsers, on the other hand, are fully approved for road use. The main differences being that they have mudguards over the wheels, and are fitted with trailer plates, lights and electrical connections.

Larger bowsers are available for tractor towing as well as the smaller lightweight ones.

Skid-mounted bowsers. Utilising the same type of tanks, instead of being mounted on a trailer they are designed to be used on a flat-bed vehicle or pick-up truck. Tanks-UK supply the Enduramaxx range of transport tanks which have built-in features for use as skid-mount bowser tanks. These are ideal for the larger tank sizes where they would be vehicle mounted rather than towed.

Uses of non-potable water bowsers

There are many instances where non-potable water bowsers would be used, including:

Uses of potable water bowsers

WRAS approved potable water bowsers would often be used for events water supply, as these are often held in areas which don’t have a ready mains supply. They can also be used for a potable water supply for catering vans and mobile welfare units.

Construction sites with no immediate mains water supply would be another common use, as they can be used for drinking water or washing water supply.

They are, or course, also suitable for emergency water supply when the mains supply is temporarily unavailable.

Not just water, they can also be used for other potable liquids such as milk.

Bowser hire

Tanks-UK hire out water bowsers for short to medium-term use – call us for details.

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email info@tanks-uk.com with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.

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