Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Nothing new in the concept. For hundreds of years people have collected rainwater off roofs and stored it in some form of container to re-use.

Not only is this environmentally a good idea, but it also saves money on mains water supply costs. If rainwater can be harvested and stored during wet periods, it provides a source of water supply to see you over the dry periods, whether you are using the water for domestic purposes, plant irrigation, washdown or livestock drinking water.

Tanks-UK will be exhibiting the 10,000 litre slimline rainwater harvest tank at LAMMA24. This tank is ideal where ground space is limited, with a footprint of only 1900mm (diameter), over against 2400mm for the standard tank.

Come and see the actual tank on Stand 20 560.

But we don’t just supply the tanks –we can set you up with a complete system: fittings, pipework, divertors, filters and pumps.  And we arrange installation where required through one of our approved installers.

Just ask one of our helpful staff on the stand during the event, or give our office a call.

Water Storage tanks

Maybe you just need to store water, for agricultural or industrial processes. Water storage tanks come in all shapes and sizes, for potable (drinking) water or non-potable use. They can, of course be used with other liquids as well, and if you need something heavier, the industrial, molasses or fertiliser tanks have thicker walls for liquids up to 1.5 SG.

Give us a call on 01953 665940 or email info@tanks-uk.com with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.

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