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Rainwater Harvesting Systems Nothing new in the concept. For hundreds of years people have collected rainwater off roofs and stored it in some form of container to re-use. Not only is this environmentally a good idea, but it also saves money on mains water supply costs. If rainwater can be harvested and stored during wet […]

Rainwater Harvesting – case study

It’s pretty obvious that harvesting the rainwater that falls on the roofs of building is a very good way to conserve water. Many of us do just that, at home or on allotments, with rainwater butts attached to the downpipe of a shed roof, for instance. However, this can be done on a much larger […]

Storing Water Underground

Underground Water Tanks What better place to hide water that you collect from the roof?  Have you seen the new range of Atlantis Underground Water Storage tanks available on our website? This 2600 Litre underground water storage tank is ideal for the domestic market.  To store harvested rain water.  This tank is available for potable […]

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