This popular range of rotationally moulded vertical tanks are manufactured in several different varieties for differing uses.

Potable and Non-Potable water – why have different tanks?

Potable water, in short, is drinking water.  Potable water tanks are designed to be used indoors or outdoors, and therefore to prevent deterioration of the water quality, they need to be opaque to cut out the sun’s UV rays, which can cause algae and bacterial growth. So potable water tanks are usually black, but we also supply them in opaque blue or dark green.

Non-potable water generally would be rainwater or other untreated water – used for cleaning, irrigation or possibly livestock drinking water, but not safe for human consumption or personal hygiene.

These tanks can be supplied in ‘natural’ which is slightly translucent white. This helps with checking fluid levels as you can see from the outside of the tank how much is left, therefore you don’t need a gauge.

Potable plastic water tanks

These have to be WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved materials to be sold as suitable for potable water. Not only the tank, but all its fittings need to be WRAS approved. Potable water tanks come with a Byelaw kit – Byelaw 30 in England and Wales; Byelaw 60 for Scotland – the difference being in the size of fittings. This consists of the required tank connector outlet and vent/breather with the relevant grommets. It is designed to keep the tank free from contaminants and is a legal requirement for potable water tanks.                                              The other regulatory requirement (Regulation 3) for potable water tanks is that the installer is competent and approved, as they will be connecting to the public water system in most instances.  Tanks-UK only use approved installers.

Non-potable plastic water tanks

This is a more diverse range of tanks, including:

Non-potable water tanks used outside are by default supplied in black, but, as previously mentioned, they can be supplied in natural or other colours.

Liquid fertiliser or molasses tanks

In agricultural applications there’s often need for a slightly heavier duty tank for liquids which have a specific gravity greater than water. The Enduramaxx range which Tanks-UK sell are available in a standard range of sizes in 1.5sg weight. This is ideally suited to liquid fertiliser storage and dispensing, or for molasses to add to livestock feed. As standard these are usually supplied in the natural, translucent material for ease of checking liquid levels, but of course they can also be supplied in black if the customer prefers.

Industrial grade plastic tanks

The Enduramaxx industrial Polyethylene and Polypropylene tanks are widely used for chemical storage due to being lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and cost-effective. These tanks are designed to take liquids with a specific gravity of up to 2SG. It is important in industrial applications to know the liquids involved and the processes that the tanks will be used with, so that we can best advise on the material and suitable fittings for the tanks. This will avoid any problems later in ordering the incorrect product for the purpose. Tanks-UK can provide you with a full solution from design to installation.


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