Apollo Standard Oil Gauge

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The Apollo Standard features a tank-mounted transmitter that ultrasonically monitors the fill level in your tank and relays this data via a secure wireless connection to a remote receiver in the comfort of your home..

The receiver simply plugs in to any standard domestic mains power supply and displays the fill level on an easy-to-read LCD screen. It also features a low-level warning light.



Apollo Standard Oil Gauge

The Apollo Standard Oil Gauge features a tank-mounted transmitter unit and a remote receiver unit, which is plugged into a standard domestic electrical socket.

The tank transmitter ultrasonically monitors the level of fuel inside your tank and relays the information back via a secure, wireless connection, to the receiver unit. The receiver unit then displays your tank’s oil levels on an easy-to-read LCD display, which also incorporates a low level warning light.

The Apollo Standard oil gauge is a cost-effective means of oil monitoring, suited to most tank types, up to a height of 3 meters. It is incredibly easy to fit and available with either UK or EU socket connections.

Apollo Standard Features:

  • Tank mounted transmitter unit, compatible with standard 32mm ports on most modern oil tanks
  • Optional multi-adaptor for compatibility with most steel tanks
  • Plug-in visual receiver with LCD display and antenna
  • Range of up to 200 meters line of sight
  • Transmission via wireless FM data transmissions.

Apollo Standard Benefits:

  • One size fits all – suitable for almost any oil tank shape or capacity, up to 3 meters tall
  • Quick and easy to fit, with no specialist tools required
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • Low level warning light
  • Contactless technology – the absence of a direct connection to the oil supply eliminates risks of oil spills or leaks


Suitable for monitoring oil and diesel fuels, admixtures, bio-diesel, detergents, lubricants, waste oil, water, fuel oil, and a range of other liquids, fuels and chemicals.

Regulatory Compliance:

Fully compliant with all applicable environmental and technical requirements in the UK.

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