Save time on refuelling during harvest

Using a diesel bowser to transport fuel around the farm can save time when it comes to the busiest times of the year.  Take the fuel out to the vehicles so you don’t have to bring them back to the yard to refuel. And did you know that Tanks-UK sell used (ex-hire / ex-fleet) bowsers […]

Watering Bowsers

Now that the summer season is upon us, watering of plants becomes an essential task. Wherever plants are grown, they will need water in dry weather. Watering bowsers are used wherever it isn’t possible to use mains fed sprinklers or sprayers. Therefore the variety of options for watering bowsers includes small gravity feed manual trolleys […]

Bowsers – what are they used for?

See it at Cereals! – Stand 650 What is a bowser, and what can they be used for? In the UK at least they are portable tanks. The name originally comes from an American inventor, Sylvanus Bowser, who is credited with the invention of the first service station petrol pump, so strictly speaking they should only […]

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