Dispensing systems

What do we mean by dispensing systems? Well, in the basic form they will consist of a pump, hose and nozzle – but there are many variations on this. For instance, higher speed nozzles available, which are useful for refuelling large vehicle fuel tanks on farms or transport depots. The nozzles can be manual or automatic (i.e. auto-shut off when full), with or without flowmeters, etc.

And it isn’t always just fuel which needs dispensing systems. It could be lubricants, or cleaning chemicals, for instance. One client had a requirement for coolant dispensing when servicing trains. See our case study on this here.

Fuel Dispensing Pumps

With some types of industrial locations, a separate dispensing pump away from the tank is a better solution than the tank mounted cabinet.

Because diesel has been reclassified as a flammable liquid, it now comes within the scope of the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR). Some locations may require ATEX approved equipment which is safe to use in areas of highly flammable or potentially explosive vapours, to meet DSEAR requirements. We can offer the Alpha dispensing pumps with ATEX approval.

KS-Mobile Easy 190L

There are also ATEX approved portable units for petrol dispensing, which are invaluable in off-site locations where petrol-powered equipment such as brush cutters, chain saws or mowers are used. The CEMO 190 litre KS-Mobile Easy comes with all you need for transporting and dispensing petrol, with ATEX certification and UN transport labels. Beats a load of jerry cans any day, as it is a lot safer to use!

Fuel Management systems

In some instances you may need to monitor the dispensing of fuel or AdBlue more closely, so you’ll need more than a flowmeter and conte

nts gauge. This is where a fuel management system comes in. The systems that we supply are available with management software licences and can be programmed for individual vehicles, drivers or both. They will record the amount dispensed each time so that you can track fuel consumption; enable you to monitor usage and run reports at will. It also provides a further safeguard against fuel theft as it requires a PIN number (and/or a special key fob) to use the pump.

These online systems are available as medium level or comprehensive level and they work for Diesel, Petrol or AdBlue® via the Alpha range of pumps.

Just give us a call on 01953 665940 or email info@tanks-uk.com with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.


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