Rainwater Harvesting – case study

It’s pretty obvious that harvesting the rainwater that falls on the roofs of building is a very good way to conserve water. Many of us do just that, at home or on allotments, with rainwater butts attached to the downpipe of a shed roof, for instance. However, this can be done on a much larger […]

Sectional Steel Tanks explained

How does it work? As the name implies, these tanks are constructed on site from preformed steel sections. They are basically the same construction as used for agricultural grain, feed or fertiliser silos.  Constructed from high quality structural grade steel, they have a heavy duty galvanised coating on both sides to protect against rust for […]

Take advantage of Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting systems Take advantage of a free resource when it falls from the sky – this is rainwater harvesting. Simply put, the water is collected from a roof or roofs and stored in a tank ready for use. There are no legal implications or environmental restrictions on this if it is simply rainwater harvesting […]

Focusing on Water Recycling – Greywater

First, what exactly is greywater? Well, it isn’t the same as rainwater because it has already been used once, hence the term recycling.  In short ‘greywater’ (which can also be spelt ‘grey water’) describes water that has been used in showers, baths and washing machines – it is never potable (drinkable) but it can be […]

Focusing on Steel Water Tanks

Sectional steel water tanks This (sectional) type of tank is the normal solution where steel tanks are required for durability and versatility. Whilst plastic tanks are more suited to potable water, especially in the smaller sizes, steel tanks can be used under certain circumstances. The steel tanks are circular and made from galvanised steel to […]

Rainwater Harvesting – invest ready for next summer

Want to keep your garden green in a hot dry summer – even if there’s a hosepipe ban? Want to reduce your water bills? Need a ready supply of water on the farm or nursery for irrigation or livestock? The answer is to take advantage of a free resource when it falls from the sky […]

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