Rainwater Harvesting: Save Now For A Summer Scorcher

Rainwater - a valuable resource to save for hot summers

While the summer of 2023 came narrowly close to stealing the crown from 2022 to become the hottest UK summer on record, the Met Office now predicts that the summer of 2024 could be another record-breaker. Given that we have witnessed exceptionally hot summers for several consecutive years, acting now to install a rainwater harvesting […]

Water Systems – Plant Watering & Irrigation

Changes to our climate are forcing us to re-examine how we use one of our most precious natural resources – water. While long, dry summers are becoming more frequent, higher rainfall during other seasons gives us the opportunity to harness this resource through rainwater harvesting. While “saving up for a rainy day” used to be […]

New 2024 FETF Grants Cover Rainwater Harvesting

Farmers who wish to conserve rainwater during the wet seasons will soon be able to apply for a grant from the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) to help them purchase rainwater harvesting tanks. In this blog post, we guide you through how the FETF works, new items that have been added to the productivity […]

Rainwater Harvesting – Grants available now

In rural areas which come under the scope of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme from central Government, there are a number of grants available every year and rainwater harvesting comes into this for several reasons. Environmentally it makes a lot of sense. Rainwater harvesting systems collect clean water which can be used for many agricultural purposes. […]

Above Ground Plastic Tanks – and their uses

This popular range of rotationally moulded vertical tanks are manufactured in several different varieties for differing uses. Potable and Non-Potable water – why have different tanks? Potable water, in short, is drinking water.  Potable water tanks are designed to be used indoors or outdoors, and therefore to prevent deterioration of the water quality, they need […]

See it at the Doe Show 2024! – AdBlue® Tanks

Come and visit the Tanks-UK Stand at the Doe Show in Ulting, Malden, Essex.  We’ll be there Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th February 2024, showcasing some of our products. Featured: The Tungsten Tanks 2500 litre AdBlue® Dispensing Tank Did you know that AdBlue® is actually not a product name, as such? It is a registered […]

See it at The Doe Show 2024!

Missed seeing us at LAMMA24? After a busy few days at LAMMA24, Tanks-UK are now preparing for the next show. The Doe Show, which is Ernest Doe’s annual event for the Agricultural, Construction and Grounds Maintenance sectors, kicks off at Ulting, near Malden, Essex on Tuesday 6th February 2024, for three days. Tanks-UK will be there […]

See it at LAMMA24 – Steel Fuel Dispensing Tanks

Featured – 5000 litre Bunded Steel Fuel Dispensing Tank Storage and safe dispensing of diesel fuel (or indeed HVO) is critical for many types of businesses. But this isn’t all – security is often a very important factor as fuel thefts are by no means uncommon.  Then there’s the environmental risk should a tank be […]

See it at LAMMA24 – Stand 20 560

Rainwater Harvesting Systems Nothing new in the concept. For hundreds of years people have collected rainwater off roofs and stored it in some form of container to re-use. Not only is this environmentally a good idea, but it also saves money on mains water supply costs. If rainwater can be harvested and stored during wet […]

See it at LAMMA24

Tanks-UK will be showcasing a variety of products at the LAMMA24 event. Here are a few that will be on display: 10000 litre Slimline Rainwater harvest tank Now is the time to get set up with rainwater harvesting, ready for the summer months. If you are limited for ground space for placing a rainwater harvest […]

Product Focus – NEW 10,000 litre bowser

Just launched – Tungsten Tanks new 10,000 litre Road Tow Water Bowser Tungsten Tanks new 10,000 litre bowser can be used for water or other liquids such as liquid fertiliser or effluent. The chassis is fully road tow legal for towing behind a tractor or similar vehicle. Tanks-UK can supply this complete with pumps and […]

Autumn is here – time to check your oil tanks

Whether you use kerosene, diesel or HVO for heating commercial warehouse space heaters, grain dryers, timber dryers, or domestic boilers, you will almost certainly have an oil tank on site. These humble tanks, often taken for granted, do need checking and maintenance from time to time especially in the commercial, industrial or agricultural sectors. What’s […]

Rainwater Harvesting – case study

It’s pretty obvious that harvesting the rainwater that falls on the roofs of building is a very good way to conserve water. Many of us do just that, at home or on allotments, with rainwater butts attached to the downpipe of a shed roof, for instance. However, this can be done on a much larger […]

HVO storage and dispensing

In the light of increased pressure on businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their environmental standards, it is worth looking at HVO as an alternative to standard diesel. Unfortunately in the UK it isn’t yet readily available at fuel stations, but it is available generally for bulk delivery, so our fuel storage and […]

Sectional Steel Tanks explained

How does it work? As the name implies, these tanks are constructed on site from preformed steel sections. They are basically the same construction as used for agricultural grain, feed or fertiliser silos.  Constructed from high quality structural grade steel, they have a heavy duty galvanised coating on both sides to protect against rust for […]

Rainwater harvesting – sustainability

The ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of rainwater harvesting. Harvesting rainwater off the roofs of your buildings is a very easy way to save water, as explained below. As to ‘why’ – well, there are so many reasons why rainwater harvesting is a good idea that we might very well ask, “why not?”. How it works – […]

When an ‘off the shelf’ Plastic Tank isn’t quite the solution

There are many shapes and sizes of standard plastic tanks, particularly water tanks. But sometimes they might not be quite what you need. Bespoke tanks can be fabricated in special sizes or configurations, using plastic welding processes. However, there is such a large range of standard plastic tanks that often you may only need adaptations […]

Fuel Storage Tanks

Fuel storage covers kerosene (otherwise known as heating oil), red diesel, ‘white’ (standard) diesel and HVO, in the main. Some tanks are suitable for petrol storage but because of the flammability of petrol, this is covered by specific regulations. Agricultural and Industrial use Fuel oil is used in many areas to power heaters as well as vehicles. And, of course if you […]

Focusing on water saving – Rainwater harvesting

One of the best known, and in fact the oldest type of water saving, is rainwater harvesting. For hundreds of years people have collected rainwater off roofs and stored it in some form of container to re-use. Not only is this environmentally a good idea, but it also saves money on mains water supply costs. […]

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