Fuel Oil Storage: Choosing The Right Tank

The choice of fuel oil storage tanks that are offered can be quite confusing, but if you answer a few simple questions you will soon be well on your way to finding the right tank for your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to fuel oil tanks. The space you have available […]

Diesel & HVO Dispensing Tanks: Why Choose Steel?

Diesel and HVO dispensing tanks can be steel, plastic or plastic in steel construction. What are the benefits of choosing steel for your dispensing tank? A vehicle fuel dispensing tank is a practical solution for many sectors, including agricultural and horticultural, construction and civil engineering, industrial, transportation and logistics. It enables bulk purchase of fuels […]

How Secure Is Your Fuel Storage?

Fuel theft is on the increase, according to the Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) and the UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA). Prime targets for thieves include remote locations such as farms and construction sites, particularly at night and weekends when they are less likely to be seen or disturbed, but fuel theft can […]

Rainwater Harvesting: Save Now For A Summer Scorcher

While the summer of 2023 came narrowly close to stealing the crown from 2022 to become the hottest UK summer on record, the Met Office now predicts that the summer of 2024 could be another record-breaker. Given that we have witnessed exceptionally hot summers for several consecutive years, acting now to install a rainwater harvesting […]

Best Tanks For Chemical Bulk Storage

Agriculture, horticulture and many manufacturing and processing industries need to safely mix, store and dispense chemicals in bulk. These substances vary widely, from liquids to granules and from low-hazard, non-toxic chemicals such as molasses to hazardous chemicals such as acids, alkalis and flammable liquids. Naturally, the types of tanks used for bulk chemical storage are […]

Tanks-UK Adds Commercial Sewage Treatment Plants To Range!

Sewage treatment plants are fast becoming the sewage management system of choice for situations where a connection to a main sewer is either unavailable or not viable. This is because a sewage treatment plant removes liquid effluent from the sewage and cleans it to a degree that makes it safe to release into watercourses. It […]

Focusing on Water Treatment: Sewage Treatment Plants

The wastewater from toilets, bathrooms, kitchen and laundry appliances must be treated before it is safe to release into the environment. While cesspits and septic tanks have for centuries been the only solution, sewage treatment plants are now the preferred option as they work more efficiently and are better for the environment. In this blog […]

Water Systems – Plant Watering & Irrigation

Changes to our climate are forcing us to re-examine how we use one of our most precious natural resources – water. While long, dry summers are becoming more frequent, higher rainfall during other seasons gives us the opportunity to harness this resource through rainwater harvesting. While “saving up for a rainy day” used to be […]

Focusing on Wastewater: Pump Stations

In this post, we take a look at wastewater pump stations: what they are, why they are needed and where they are typically used. What is a wastewater pump station and what does it do? A pump station in its simplest form is the combination of a holding tank and a pump system, used to […]

New 2024 FETF Grants Cover Rainwater Harvesting

Farmers who wish to conserve rainwater during the wet seasons will soon be able to apply for a grant from the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) to help them purchase rainwater harvesting tanks. In this blog post, we guide you through how the FETF works, new items that have been added to the productivity […]

Water Recycling – Grey Water Tanks

Water Re-use – systems for Greywater What is greywater, as opposed to rainwater harvesting? Basically it is water that has been used once, hence the term recycling.  In short ‘greywater’ (which can also be spelt ‘grey water’) describes water that has been used in showers, baths and washing machines. Use of it is more restricted […]

Rainwater Harvesting – Grants available now

In rural areas which come under the scope of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme from central Government, there are a number of grants available every year and rainwater harvesting comes into this for several reasons. Environmentally it makes a lot of sense. Rainwater harvesting systems collect clean water which can be used for many agricultural purposes. […]

Above Ground Plastic Tanks – and their uses

This popular range of rotationally moulded vertical tanks are manufactured in several different varieties for differing uses. Potable and Non-Potable water – why have different tanks? Potable water, in short, is drinking water.  Potable water tanks are designed to be used indoors or outdoors, and therefore to prevent deterioration of the water quality, they need […]

See it at the Doe Show 2024! – AdBlue® Tanks

Come and visit the Tanks-UK Stand at the Doe Show in Ulting, Malden, Essex.  We’ll be there Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th February 2024, showcasing some of our products. Featured: The Tungsten Tanks 2500 litre AdBlue® Dispensing Tank Did you know that AdBlue® is actually not a product name, as such? It is a registered […]

See it at The Doe Show 2024!

Missed seeing us at LAMMA24? After a busy few days at LAMMA24, Tanks-UK are now preparing for the next show. The Doe Show, which is Ernest Doe’s annual event for the Agricultural, Construction and Grounds Maintenance sectors, kicks off at Ulting, near Malden, Essex on Tuesday 6th February 2024, for three days. Tanks-UK will be there […]

See it at LAMMA24 – Steel Fuel Dispensing Tanks

Featured – 5000 litre Bunded Steel Fuel Dispensing Tank Storage and safe dispensing of diesel fuel (or indeed HVO) is critical for many types of businesses. But this isn’t all – security is often a very important factor as fuel thefts are by no means uncommon.  Then there’s the environmental risk should a tank be […]

See it at LAMMA24 – Stand 20 560

Rainwater Harvesting Systems Nothing new in the concept. For hundreds of years people have collected rainwater off roofs and stored it in some form of container to re-use. Not only is this environmentally a good idea, but it also saves money on mains water supply costs. If rainwater can be harvested and stored during wet […]

Winter maintenance checks

Not just your house or your car, but tanks need a bit of ‘TLC’ as well! Now is a good time to check your tanks and replace filters, etc., as needed. We’ve provided some information below to guide you on what to check; and what you might need to replace, on existing tanks. Water tanks […]

See it at LAMMA24

Tanks-UK will be showcasing a variety of products at the LAMMA24 event. Here are a few that will be on display: 10000 litre Slimline Rainwater harvest tank Now is the time to get set up with rainwater harvesting, ready for the summer months. If you are limited for ground space for placing a rainwater harvest […]

Product Focus – NEW 10,000 litre bowser

Just launched – Tungsten Tanks new 10,000 litre Road Tow Water Bowser Tungsten Tanks new 10,000 litre bowser can be used for water or other liquids such as liquid fertiliser or effluent. The chassis is fully road tow legal for towing behind a tractor or similar vehicle. Tanks-UK can supply this complete with pumps and […]

New Product Focus

Tanks-UK have a new range of Tungsten Tanks branded fuel cube tanks.  Not just for refuelling of vehicles off site, they can also be used for generator feed tanks and other uses. Steel cube tanks Wherever you may need a portable fuel dispensing tank that can be mounted on a pick-up, low loader or trailer, […]

News – LAMMA 2024 and the Doe Show 2024

Tanks-UK are on the road for some key trade shows early in 2024. New year – new products! First up is LAMMA 2024 at the NEC in Birmingham, on 17th and 18th January. LAMMA is the UK’s leading agricultural machinery, equipment and technology show, and has been based at the NEC since 2019. Find us […]

See it at the Midlands Machinery Show! – Water Bowsers

We’ve got something new to show you at the Midlands Machinery Show on 8th and 9th November 2023. Come and see us on Stand G5 and all will be revealed! This week we are featuring water bowsers again as they will be a main feature at the show.  Here’s some ideas of what Tanks-UK’s water […]

Autumn is here – time to check your oil tanks

Whether you use kerosene, diesel or HVO for heating commercial warehouse space heaters, grain dryers, timber dryers, or domestic boilers, you will almost certainly have an oil tank on site. These humble tanks, often taken for granted, do need checking and maintenance from time to time especially in the commercial, industrial or agricultural sectors. What’s […]

Fuel storage and dispensing – latest news

Government defers ban on oil heating On 20th September the UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, gave a speech which made some sweeping changes to the timeline of carbon reduction targets. One of the most significant was the fact that oil boilers will still be available up to 2035, for off-grid homes. And even then, you […]

Rainwater Harvesting – case study

It’s pretty obvious that harvesting the rainwater that falls on the roofs of building is a very good way to conserve water. Many of us do just that, at home or on allotments, with rainwater butts attached to the downpipe of a shed roof, for instance. However, this can be done on a much larger […]

HVO storage and dispensing

In the light of increased pressure on businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their environmental standards, it is worth looking at HVO as an alternative to standard diesel. Unfortunately in the UK it isn’t yet readily available at fuel stations, but it is available generally for bulk delivery, so our fuel storage and […]

Sectional Steel Tanks explained

How does it work? As the name implies, these tanks are constructed on site from preformed steel sections. They are basically the same construction as used for agricultural grain, feed or fertiliser silos.  Constructed from high quality structural grade steel, they have a heavy duty galvanised coating on both sides to protect against rust for […]

Rainwater harvesting – sustainability

The ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of rainwater harvesting. Harvesting rainwater off the roofs of your buildings is a very easy way to save water, as explained below. As to ‘why’ – well, there are so many reasons why rainwater harvesting is a good idea that we might very well ask, “why not?”. How it works – […]

Case Study – Diesel Storage for Standby Generator

  The Challenge A well-known UK energy provider partnering with a large manufacturing plant on a green energy project needed a large emergency power resource to ensure production continuity during routine maintenance and power outages on the green system. The two generators selected for this task would together consume approximately 1,000 litres of diesel per […]

When an ‘off the shelf’ Plastic Tank isn’t quite the solution

There are many shapes and sizes of standard plastic tanks, particularly water tanks. But sometimes they might not be quite what you need. Bespoke tanks can be fabricated in special sizes or configurations, using plastic welding processes. However, there is such a large range of standard plastic tanks that often you may only need adaptations […]

Fuel Cube Tanks

Fuel Cube Tanks How do you define a cube tank?  In fact, very few of them are exactly cube shaped, but it does give you an idea of what they will look like. Tanks-UK’s steel fuel cubes are basically bunded (double-skinned) fully portable tanks with integral dispensing equipment. Sometimes known as skid-mounted units, although technically […]

Fuel Storage Tanks

Fuel storage covers kerosene (otherwise known as heating oil), red diesel, ‘white’ (standard) diesel and HVO, in the main. Some tanks are suitable for petrol storage but because of the flammability of petrol, this is covered by specific regulations. Agricultural and Industrial use Fuel oil is used in many areas to power heaters as well as vehicles. And, of course if you […]

Take advantage of Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting systems Take advantage of a free resource when it falls from the sky – this is rainwater harvesting. Simply put, the water is collected from a roof or roofs and stored in a tank ready for use. There are no legal implications or environmental restrictions on this if it is simply rainwater harvesting […]

Save time on refuelling during harvest

Using a diesel bowser to transport fuel around the farm can save time when it comes to the busiest times of the year.  Take the fuel out to the vehicles so you don’t have to bring them back to the yard to refuel. And did you know that Tanks-UK sell used (ex-hire / ex-fleet) bowsers […]

Why would you need a water bowser?

Tungsten Tanks Water Bowsers Tanks-UK supply water bowsers from stock, manufactured and adapted by our sister company Tungsten Tanks. They are available as site tow for off-road use; or road tow for fully highway compliant use.  In the hotter, drier weather of the summer season they really come into their own for transportation and distribution […]

Agricultural effluent

Effluent is basically defined as liquid waste. Because of the varied nature of liquid waste there are a number of pollutant hazards to be considered. Untreated effluent must never be allowed to enter watercourses, and the Environment Agency in the UK constantly monitor for pollution. DEFRA is also involved in pollution prevention. So what can […]

Waste Oil – what you need to know

Recycling of waste oil Whether it is cooking oil, hydraulic oil or engine lubricating oil, yes, it can be recycled.  The recycling of waste oil is not a new technology – it has been around for some years.  But it has grown in significance more recently as we search for more sustainable solutions. Environmental considerations […]

Fertiliser Tanks and Accessories

Whether you use a ready mixed liquid fertiliser, or soluble powder type, Tanks-UK have solutions for storage, transport and spraying. What type of fertiliser tanks are available? Vertical storage tanks Buying fertiliser in bulk for storage on a farm, estate or nursery, could save you money. For liquid fertiliser storage the Enduramaxx vertical tanks in […]

Focusing on water saving – Rainwater harvesting

One of the best known, and in fact the oldest type of water saving, is rainwater harvesting. For hundreds of years people have collected rainwater off roofs and stored it in some form of container to re-use. Not only is this environmentally a good idea, but it also saves money on mains water supply costs. […]

Focusing on Water Recycling – Greywater

First, what exactly is greywater? Well, it isn’t the same as rainwater because it has already been used once, hence the term recycling.  In short ‘greywater’ (which can also be spelt ‘grey water’) describes water that has been used in showers, baths and washing machines – it is never potable (drinkable) but it can be […]

Focusing on Water Bowsers – see them at the Doe Show in February

For more explanation of the meaning and use of bowsers see our earlier blog post here: https://www.tanks-uk.com/bowsers-what-are-they-used-for/ Tanks-UK will be showcasing our Tungsten Tanks water bowsers at the Doe Show 2023. Come and visit our stand to see the bowsers and talk to us about your requirements. What types of water bowsers are available? The […]

Focusing on Steel Water Tanks

Sectional steel water tanks This (sectional) type of tank is the normal solution where steel tanks are required for durability and versatility. Whilst plastic tanks are more suited to potable water, especially in the smaller sizes, steel tanks can be used under certain circumstances. The steel tanks are circular and made from galvanised steel to […]

Focusing on Underground Water Tanks

Potable or Non-Potable water – when you might need an underground tank Underground potable water tanks Where a domestic, or indeed commercial, property has a private borehole, a storage tank may be required for the water. If this has been tested and approved as potable water then it should only need a suitable tank with […]

Focusing on Plastic Water Tanks

Potable and Non-Potable water – why have different tanks? Firstly, what do the terms mean?   Potable water, in short, is drinking water.  Non-potable water generally would be rainwater or other untreated water – used for cleaning, irrigation or possibly livestock drinking water, but not safe for human consumption or personal hygiene. Potable water tanks are […]

Welcome back – and moving on to 2023!

We hope everyone has enjoyed a refreshing break over Christmas and New Year – we’re now back to work, and ready to service your requirements for tanks, bowsers, pumps and other accessories. What’s happening at Tanks-UK? We welcomed Peter Scott as our new Sales Manager, as he joined the staff at our Watton offices just […]

2022 into 2023

As we’re reaching the end of 2022 – we reflect on quite a memorable year! The UK has seen two Monarchs, three Prime Ministers, four Chancellors…  Also some extremes of weather, with the highest temperatures ever recorded in July at 40oC, and then dropping to below -15oC in some parts in December! By the way, […]

Products for liquid dispensing solutions

UK-based manufacturer and stockist Tanks-UK Ltd offer a range of innovative solutions for fuel dispensing systems. Some of the products readily available include: ALPHA Units Manufactured in the UK, the Alpha units are complete fuel pumps, which can be used with underground or above ground storage tanks. Why would you use these in preference to […]

Pumping solutions – ask for DAB

Global brand – Stocked in the UK As a global brand with 5 manufacturing plants around the world, DAB pumps are well known, well made and a trusted brand. Tanks-UK Ltd are distributors for DAB pumps and we do stock some of the most frequently ordered pumps. But with their large UK stockholding, we can […]

Focusing on Harlequin Tanks – direct delivery

Manufactured and stocked in the UK Tanks-UK are distributors and stockists of Harlequin’s range of plastic tanks and fuel dispensers. If there’s an item we don’t have in stock, it can be sent out directly from the factory to your delivery address, saving time for you. Take a look as well at our recent blog […]

New UK Manufactured product range

Manufactured and stocked in the UK Tanks-UK has a range of new products from for commercial, industrial or domestic markets, all manufactured in the UK. Some of these are very different from the run-of-the-mill products as you can see below.        IBC Bund Pallets IBC Bund Pallets are designed specifically for Intermediate Bulk […]

Spotlight on Enduramaxx products – for quick delivery

Enduramaxx tanks are manufactured and stocked in the UK for immediate despatch Tanks-UK supply the Enduramaxx range of tanks, which are rotationally moulded from UV stabilised PE (or other plastic in some cases for increased chemical resistance) in different colours and configurations. They are constructed in one piece with no seams which could split and […]

Spotlight on Cemo products – for quick delivery

EU-manufactured products – stocked in the UK for immediate despatch Cemo have for many years been providing innovative solutions for fuel and chemical storage and dispensing applications. Tanks-UK are CEMO distributors, bringing you a range of products for industrial, commercial or agricultural uses. IBC Spill Bunds The Intermediate Bulk Container, better known as an IBC, […]

Providing solutions quickly from our Tungsten Tanks stocked range

The Tungsten Tanks brand initially specialised in steel tanks, but has expanded more recently to cover plastic tanks, bowsers of all types and the innovative Plastic in Steel high-security tanks. Here we describe some more of the products we have in stock. Pressure Washer Bowsers The Tungsten Pressure washer bowsers are water bowsers fitted with […]

Looking at the essential extras – pumps and fittings

Pumps and fittings from stock Whether you need additional or alternative fittings from those supplied as standard, or you’re looking to replace fittings on an existing installation, Tanks-UK can often supply these from stock. There may be occasions when pumps are required as stand-alone products – no problem. We can advise you on the best […]

Spotlight on Harlequin tanks – and quick delivery

Did you know that Tanks-UK stock many of Harlequin’s most popular tanks? As one of the best known manufacturers of plastic oil and fuel tanks and dispensers, the Harlequin range covers various types of storage tanks in a whole range of sizes and configurations. Domestic or Commercial Oil Tanks – protect your valuable heating oil, […]

When you are in a hurry… Tungsten Tanks to the rescue

Did you know that Tanks-UK stock some of the most popular products? Our Tungsten Tanks range spans a number of different product categories and a selection of these are kept in stock at our own premises, ready for immediate delivery. Fuel Dispensers Whether on farms or industrial premises, the 5000 litre fuel dispenser is one […]

Dispensing systems – what are they?

Dispensing systems What do we mean by dispensing systems? Well, in the basic form they will consist of a pump, hose and nozzle – but there are many variations on this. For instance, higher speed nozzles available, which are useful for refuelling large vehicle fuel tanks on farms or transport depots. The nozzles can be […]

Effluent Treatment systems

When you think of effluent treatment you probably think of sewage treatment plants.  But this is not the only type of effluent which requires treatment before it is allowed to be discharged. Industrial process liquid waste is also effluent requiring treatment. As discussed in an earlier blog post, the word ‘effluent’ means waste outflow, generally […]

Rainwater Harvesting – invest ready for next summer

Want to keep your garden green in a hot dry summer – even if there’s a hosepipe ban? Want to reduce your water bills? Need a ready supply of water on the farm or nursery for irrigation or livestock? The answer is to take advantage of a free resource when it falls from the sky […]

Storing AdBlue® in bulk

Fleet users of diesel powered vehicles will almost certainly need to store AdBlue® in bulk as well as diesel. Mostly this would be a dispensing tank (see our earlier blog post here). However, there are reasons why you might want a plain storage tank. One illustration of this is where the customer put in a […]

Effluent Bulk Storage Tanks

The definition of effluent is basically ‘an outflowing of waste liquid’. But rarely can liquid waste from farms and industry literally outflow directly into a watercourse, the ground, or even a soakaway drain. If not treated at source, there will be an environmental requirement for storage tanks for safe containment prior to collection by a […]

Chemical Bulk Storage Tanks

In industry, agriculture or horticulture there is often a need for safe bulk storage of chemicals and often this requires a means of dispensing as well. Of course, ‘chemicals’ is a very broad term, and could include many low hazard, non-toxic substances such as molasses used in animal feed; as well as the more hazardous […]

Bulk storage of fuel

Whatever type of fuel you need to store, the tank must meet all relevant regulations for oil storage. In this context ‘oil’ would include: Kerosene (also called paraffin or heating oil) Diesel HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) Petrol AvGas (Aviation fuel) Bulk storage includes non-domestic storage of any of the above, for instance on construction sites, […]

Water tanks for bulk storage

Bulk storage water tanks could be required for a number of purposes and the requirements will often be very specific to the user. Considering the different uses for bulk water storage, and what is most appropriate in the circumstances, is where Tanks-UK can help. Firstly, we need to ascertain what type of water needs to […]

Portable Dispensing Tanks

Bowsers, ADR Tanks & Portable Fuel Tanks There are a lot of situations where refuelling of vehicles and equipment can’t be done from a static tank. Wherever petrol or diesel powered equipment has to be away from the main base, for instance on larger farms, construction sites, landscaping and local authority maintenance support – some […]

AdBlue® Dispensing Tanks

What exactly is AdBlue® and why does it need a special type of dispenser? It is basically a solution of urea and demineralised water, which works within a diesel vehicle’s catalytic conversion system to reduce toxic exhaust emissions. The reason why it needs specific tanks is because it is corrosive, so most metal dispensing equipment […]

Large Steel Dispensing Tanks

Large steel fuel dispensing tanks from Tungsten Tanks. There are plenty of situations when only a steel tank will do. Steel tanks are better suited to the larger capacities required where there is a fleet of vehicles to be refuelled. Another advantage of choosing steel tanks is that they can be manufactured in bespoke sizes […]

Large Fuel Dispensing Tanks

Large capacity plastic fuel dispensers – ideal for agricultural or logistics depot requirements. Whether on the farm or in a transport depot, you need to be able to have a safe, secure and easy to use means of refuelling vehicles. Obviously this calls for large capacity storage when you have a number of large vehicles […]

Portable skid-mounted bowsers and cube tanks

Sometimes a bowser doesn’t have wheels… If you need to move fuel and/or AdBlue® around a site for refuelling; or you need a portable source of water, it is often more convenient to have a tank on the back of your vehicle rather than towing a bowser. There’s a wide range of different versions available […]

Dust Suppression

Farm tracks, Construction sites, Equestrian arenas/ménage areas, Quarries, Private estate roads, e.g. gravel roads – in the drier months these locations can all create a huge amount of dust from vehicle or animal movements. This is not only a nuisance but it is also a health and safety hazard. Dust clouds from vehicle movements can […]

Watering Bowsers

Now that the summer season is upon us, watering of plants becomes an essential task. Wherever plants are grown, they will need water in dry weather. Watering bowsers are used wherever it isn’t possible to use mains fed sprinklers or sprayers. Therefore the variety of options for watering bowsers includes small gravity feed manual trolleys […]

See it at Cereals! – Stand 650

Yes, the week has arrived for the UK’s leading event for arable agriculture – 8th to 9th  June 2022. This is a brief overview of what we are showing on the Tanks-UK stand: 9250FS The 9250FS is a diesel storage and dispensing tank, holding 9250 litres (2000 gallons). It features: A full 6 metre (1″/25mm […]

Bowsers – what are they used for?

See it at Cereals! – Stand 650 What is a bowser, and what can they be used for? In the UK at least they are portable tanks. The name originally comes from an American inventor, Sylvanus Bowser, who is credited with the invention of the first service station petrol pump, so strictly speaking they should only […]

Environmental – effluent, sewage treatment and waste oil

See it at Cereals! – Stand 650 Sewage Treatment Plants The HC Hydroclear range of sewage treatment plants, which we are featuring at Cereals 2022, are suitable for domestic use where mains drainage is not available. They are designed to treat waste so that the water is pure enough to be safely and legally discharged […]

Fuel Dispensers

See it at Cereals! – Stand 650     Fuel Points and Fuel Stations – what’s the difference? If you only need a basic, sturdy fuel tank at an economy price, our Fuel Points may fit the bill. They come as standard with a pump, hose and nozzle, in a whole range of sizes. We’re […]

Monitoring your fuel and heating oil tanks

Don’t run out of oil! One of the worst things in cold weather is to find your heating oil has run out unexpectedly. Not only does it leave you without heating until you can get a delivery, but the tank sludge may enter the fuel lines and can cause damage to your heating system. This […]

Maintenance of fuel tanks – time for Spring cleaning?

Spring Clean your Fuel Tank Now is a good time to check your fuel tank over and give it a spring clean. Cleaning down the outside will enable you to see if there is any weather damage, such as splits in plastic tanks; paint chipping off or rust appearing on steel tanks. For steel tanks […]

Protect your fuel with security tanks

Diesel is a valuable asset – are you protecting it from theft? The changes in use for red diesel bring challenges for the construction industry in particular. Diesel fuel on site is now much more valuable and prone to theft, so there’s a need for secure, restricted access. This is especially so currently with high […]

Fabricated Plastic tanks and accessories

Sometimes tanks need to be supplied as complete bespoke projects. For instance, you may need industrial chemical tanks to fit in a specific space. Or maybe you need to fit a plastic water tank into the back of a vehicle or a boat, and none of the standard ones are suitable. Bespoke plastic fabricated tanks […]

Focusing on Adapting Plastic Tanks

Got an idea for something that doesn’t look quite like the standard plastic tanks? The concept of welded metal fittings and pipes is well known. But did you know we can adapt plastic tanks using plastic welding? Plastic welding involves joining thermoplastic surfaces using both heat and pressure. Tanks can be supplied with non-standard large […]

Focus on GRP tanks and custom solutions

Glass reinforced plastic tanks Glass reinforced plastic, commonly known as GRP, is just that – an immensely durable material in which glass fibres are permanently bonded into a plastic resin substrate to strengthen the plastic. These tanks are suitable for anything from chemical storage to potable (drinking) water. The added bonus is that they can […]

Twin material tanks and bowsers

Combining the best of both plastic and steel There are times when a combination of materials gives the best solution for your needs. This might be because you need fire-rated tanks, or a highly secure but portable fuel storage unit, for instance. Portable fuel storage solutions The problem – a need for portable fuel tanks […]

Trolley tanks and Bowsers

Providing solutions by adaptation Ever thought about how trains are serviced? Well, neither had we until we were approached by a train servicing company. They were looking for a custom solution for replacing coolant in trains. We were able to supply exactly what they needed at an economical price, by making a few adaptations from […]

Focusing on steel tanks – adapting to your needs

Steel tanks – custom solution case study When RAF Mildenhall were looking to replace their ageing fleet of base standard tanks, we worked with them to find a solution to fit their budget and their specification. They saved $1.6M by using above ground steel tanks, based on our standard product range but adapted to meet […]

Adaptations and customisations

Adapted and customised tanks – you’ve probably seen our huge range of plastic tanks, but did you know we can adapt them to your needs? For instance, the AdBlue™ dispensing tanks and diesel fuel points. Since these are both consumables, you probably need to monitor usage, per week, per vehicle, per user, etc. This is […]

In need of a smaller water tank? NOW is the time!

I think we are all aware of the problems faced this last year, with issues such as raw material instability, imports from abroad  taking an increased amount of time, a surge in orders which has increased lead times from some of our suppliers dramatically and of course the recent difficulty in sourcing fuel to run […]

Finding yourself stuck in a rut amid the current fuel delivery shortage?

Do you find that you have been affected by current fuel delivery shortages in your area? Are you concerned about this being a long term issue? We have a solution which will help! Now is as good of a time as any to make the leap into investing into your own personal fuel station! This […]

Pumps – What Do They Mean When They Say…

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of fluid pumping, whether it’s for drinking water supply, rainwater harvesting or wastewater treatment, you may be puzzled by the terms and phrases used in the industry. But a basic understanding will help you to choose the right pump for your needs, so let’s just explain a few of […]

Esybox Pump – What Do They Mean When They Say…

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of fluid pumping, whether it’s for drinking water supply, rainwater harvesting or wastewater treatment, you may be puzzled by the terms and phrases used in the industry. But a basic understanding will help you to choose the right pump for your needs, so let’s just explain a few of […]

D-tron Pumps – What Do They Mean When They Say…

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of fluid pumping, whether it’s for drinking water supply, rainwater harvesting or wastewater treatment, you may be puzzled by the terms and phrases used in the industry. But a basic understanding will help you to choose the right pump for your needs, so let’s just explain a few of […]

Divertron Smart Pump – What Do They Mean When They Say…

Pumps – What Do They Mean When They Say… If you’re unfamiliar with the world of fluid pumping, whether it’s for drinking water supply, rainwater harvesting or wastewater treatment, you may be puzzled by the terms and phrases used in the industry. But a basic understanding will help you to choose the right pump for […]

Diver 6 Pump – What Do They Mean When They Say…

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of fluid pumping, whether it’s for drinking water supply, rainwater harvesting or wastewater treatment, you may be puzzled by the terms and phrases used in the industry. But a basic understanding will help you to choose the right pump for your needs, so let’s just explain a few of […]

Diesel Storage for Standby Generator

The Challenge A well-known UK energy provider partnering with a large manufacturing plant on a green energy project needed a large emergency power resource to ensure production continuity during routine maintenance or in the event of power failure on the main system. The two generators selected for this task would together consume approximately 1,000 litres […]

Bespoke Fuel Oil Tank in Restricted Space

The Challenge The customer wanted to replace their very old, single-skinned steel tank with a new, higher capacity double-skinned bunded tank capable of receiving 1,000 litre deliveries, but there was a problem. Standing on two brick pillars next to the side wall of the house, the existing tank was just narrow enough to allow vehicular […]

Agricultural Storage Tank for Red Diesel

The Challenge A local farmer had been using an old single-skinned steel tank, located in a homemade bund and supported by a rudimentary stand, for gravity-feeding red diesel to his grain store driers and agricultural vehicles. But as the bund was open-topped, it was prone to collecting water and the tank had started to corrode. […]

Replacement of Domestic Fuel Oil Tank

The Challenge The customers’ Titan 2,500 litre single-skinned fuel oil tank had cracked and was letting in water, so they were looking for a replacement, and they also wanted a bunded tank as further protection against damage and leaks. A decorative brick wall had been built around the existing tank to act both as a […]

Water, water everywhere… with a bowser

Our recently expanded range of potable and non-potable water bowsers covers almost every requirement for temporary and semi-permanent water supply where there is no mains connection or inadequate supply – in fields and forests, at events and emergencies, on construction sites and at industrial plants.   our site-towable bowsers are suitable for applications such as […]

Stay Fuelled Up with a Bowser

We have recently extended our range of static and towable bowsers for temporary and mobile fuel supply. Bunded and double-skinned bowsers give additional protection against damage and leaking. Our bowsers are invaluable in many sectors including agriculture, industry and construction, events and emergencies, fuelling farm and forestry machinery, generators and emergency vehicles. our site-towable bowsers […]

Meet The New Family!

Harlequin have recently launched the second-generation family of their HeatStream mains-pressure hot water tanks with improved looks, two popular sizes and the option of heating water through any conventional heating source such as a gas or oil boiler supplemented with an electric immersion heater for off-peak economy, or with an immersion heater alone. HeatStream is […]

Can’t Buy? Then Hire!

Not all bulk liquid storage requirements are permanent. While outdoor events such as festivals are temporarily on hold, seasonal agricultural work, disaster and humanitarian crises, construction sites and higher demands in manufacturing and processing industries are just some of the reasons why additional storage is needed. Tanks-UK offer a wide range of tanks and bowsers […]

Tanks-UK Stays Open for Business

As suppliers of essential equipment (especially to the commercial and domestic heating industry) Tanks-UK continues to operate throughout the UK’s coronavirus lockdown period. Working remotely and with social distancing measures in place for essential office staff, our team is able to fulfill normal operations. Most plastic tanks are available for immediate dispatch from stock and […]

Have you got too much water around you?

Some areas of the UK have been suffering with an overdose of rain, where we are in Norfolk, we have been driving through floods, and looking at rivers bursting banks etc. With all this rain recently, why not purchase one of our water pumps.  We have easy to use, small pumps suitable for sorting water […]

Getting ready for winter?

Getting ready for winter? Thinking of those frosty mornings?  How careful we should be not to slip up. Got grit at the ready, salt at the ready, some way of spreading it around? This grit/salt spreader is the ideal answer for getting a right amount of salt down on those white patches, and may be […]

Harlequin HeatStream

HeatStream hot water systems are on offer in September.  Have a look at our offer page to see what you can save.  Prices on the new Harlequin HeatStream are good at the moment, this is a good buy just now, taking into account that regulations have upgraded when fitting hot water systems, and the HeatStream […]

Are you worried that prices will rise after Brexit?

What will happen after Brexit? It is not an unfounded worry.  After all we are all wondering what will happen.  None of us have been through this before, and nobody can say for sure what will happen to the economy. We have preBrexit prices on our tanks, with some tanks on offer.  Have a look […]

Have you seen the DT-Mobile Easy COMBI 440/50 Litre

This innovative way of transporting fuel around your work place, at the farm, where ever you need to, is a really easy way of doing things.  This DT-Mobile Easy is small enough to store in the corner of a building when not in use, and large enough to carry fuel to the vehicle that needs […]

Are you able to refuel those vehicles with ease?

DT-Mobile Easy These DT-Mobile easy fuel transport tanks are the ideal way to take fuel to those vehicles on the fields, or those working a long distance from fuel stations?  Take a look at the selection we have to offer.  These tanks below are stock items.  Don’t be caught out during the harvest, as it […]

Are you prepared for an AdBlue spillage?

AdBlue spillages are an unwanted scenario, and we need to think upfront about whether we are prepared.  Although AdBlue is non-toxic, if spilt & not cleaned up immediately, it will crystallise upon drying.  Storing a kit to contain a spillage is a low cost, peace of mind, action that we all could take.  AdBlue is […]

Are you eligible for the Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme?

Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme   This scheme is currently being rolled out and needs to be submitted by midday on the 3rd September.  What you can claim on a grant is:  technical efficiency  animal health and welfare  resource efficiency or  nutrient management You can claim several thousands of pounds worth of good equipment: tanks, […]

Storing Water Underground

Underground Water Tanks What better place to hide water that you collect from the roof?  Have you seen the new range of Atlantis Underground Water Storage tanks available on our website? This 2600 Litre underground water storage tank is ideal for the domestic market.  To store harvested rain water.  This tank is available for potable […]

You may soon pay more for your heating oil.

You may soon pay more for oil for your heating system. OPEC’s decision to cut oil production may well lead to a rise in oil prices. At the moment, the oil prices have not been affected and still remaining lower than average.  So, therefore, what is more sensible than to top up your tank for […]

Do you want to save £150?

Yes, £150 is what we have taken off this useful size 1225 ITE bunded oil tank. This bunded oil tank is a snip just now.  Not only is it on offer, ready to fit in view of the colder months (although we don’t like to think of that yet).  But also, the oil is on […]

Portable Fuel Tanks

Portafuel diesel tanks   We are now in the season whereby the farm machinery will be out on the fields.  What about the times where we just run out of fuel right the other side of the field?  what we need is a way to get fuel to the machinery as quick as possible.  This […]

Take advantage of the low fuel prices, buy oil now.

Do you need a bigger tank – the oil prices are at a low just now . . Summer is traditionally the time of year that you can get bargain prices for your heating oil.   Best time to get a bulk load in ready for after the summer, and winter sets in again (although we […]

Summer approaching

Summer is approaching, and then harvest. Combine harvesters, fields of crops, sunshine, blue skies . . .  yes it will come. Don’t be caught out, if you take those agricultural machines to the field, they will need fuel.  See our range of mobile skid unit fuel dispensers, all ready to take that diesel, bio diesel, […]

Rain drops are falling on my head

What weather . . . All this rain, what we need is somewhere to store it.  Round our way, they say “love every drop”.  How can you love them if you haven’t caught them? What we need is a rainwater harvesting kit to catch all this lovely rain and then use it when the weather […]


Are you needing a steel tank for the storage of oil or the dispensing of fuel? See the new range of steel tanks by Tungsten Tanks.  Single skin oil tanks, Bunded Fuel Tanks and Fuel dispensing tanks.  Take a look, we may have just what you are needing. The Single Skin oil tanks are ideal […]

Flaming June? we hope not . . .

MAKE SURE YOUR TANK IS UP TO DATE AND SAFE We sell both steel and plastic oil tanks. Tanks-UK have years of experience to help you find just what you are looking for: safe and legal tanks to store you heating oil.  For peace of mind phone 01953 889231 for advice on the best way […]


We would like to introduce our range of Tungsten Tanks.  Our robust steel tanks range from 1100 litres to 4500 litres. We have a range of both bunded and single skin, in oil and fuel storage tanks.  Also a range of fuel dispensing tanks. Ideal for the industrial, agricultural and commercial market, these tanks are […]


As from the 1st of June, the price of plastic is set to go up. This means that prices in general will be rising, including the price of plastic tanks. Orders that are placed before the first, will be honoured at the existing prices. Take a look at our website for current prices, preferably this […]

Are we in for a dry summer?

Technically, summer only begins in June, but forecasters are looking at the weather being warm and dry. With a dryish spring, we should take advantage and harvest any rain that we do have. There is a suggestion that the rest of the summer may be a hot one. England and Wales have an average precipitation […]

QuickStop Advance – adjustable

We are promoting the QuickStop valve which has been designed as a replacement to the conventional ballcock valve often found in water tanks to protect booster pumps.  The QuickStop operates by going instantly from fully open to fully closed. This, therefore, prevents repeated stop/start cycling of pumps when filling tanks or cisterns. This QuickStop valve […]

Wydale Tanks

We are introducing Wydale Tanks which have a large range of sizes ranging from 4 litres to 5500 litres.  These tanks are manufactured from high quality, medium density polyethylene and come in natural translucent as standard. This enables the user to see the water level with ease. BSP outlets are on all the tanks in […]

Divertron/Diver 6 Water Pumps

Do you need to lift the water you have collected into a tank? Then we have the answer. We are proud to announce that we have good stocks of Divertron M and Diver 6 ready for speedy delivery. Have you seen the new range of Divertron/Diver 6 Water Pumps recently added to our website? The […]


This month we have some exciting tank offers to share with you! 1400 Litre ITE Bunded Horizontal Oil Tank manufactured by Harlequin. FREE Delivery. Comes with remote level gauge and fitting kit. Save £100 inc. VAT NOW only £1,029.00 Length: 1900 mm Width: 1250 mm Height: 1420 mm Weight: 130 kg And there’s more…! 10000 […]

1100ITE Bunded Harlequin Tank

Tanks UK   BLOG/post   22.3.2019 Slimline double-walled 1100-litre 240-gallon fuel tank On offer @ £929   L1880 W890 H1595mm   132kg Click Here! Offer includes free delivery, gauge and fittings complete with installation instructions. This is truly the easy-to-use tank to go for if you’re stuck for space.  A tank but more than a tank because you’ll love […]

1400L Diamond Slimline Tank installation, Norwich

Project Brief: Tanks-UK were asked to replace an old metal domestic oil tank – again close to home – in Norwich, Norfolk!  We recommended the replacement tank should be from the slimline Diamond range, as width at the tank’s site was limited. Main Project Requirements: To replace an aged leaking metal domestic heating oil tank with […]

2500L ITE Bunded Oil Tank installation, Norwich

Project Brief: Tanks-UK were asked to replace a domestic plastic oil tank, this time close to home in Norfolk!  After assessing the capacity requirements, we recommended a Harlequin 2500 litre ITE bunded tank. Main Project Requirements: To replace a domestic heating oil tank with a robust and durable alternative. Product Used: 2500 Litre ITE Bunded Horizontal […]

1650L Plastic Bunded Oil Twin Tank installation

Case Study: 1650L Diamond Plastic Bunded Oil Tanks installation, Northumberland Project Brief: Tanks-UK were commissioned to replace two steel heating oil tanks with the 1650 litre capacity plastic tanks from the Harlequin Diamond range. These were domestic tanks for neighbours who clubbed together on the project, therefore making great savings on install costs! Main Project Requirements: Drain […]

Snow Safety – Protect your workforce from trips & falls

Our Grit Bins/Salt Bins are on sale throughout February! Many of us in the UK have woken to more snow, and according to weather reports, we can expect this to continue along with very low temperatures. It is important to keep your premises free of hazards, and the dangers of injuries due to slips and […]

Don’t Slip Up – order your grit bin now!

Have you made sure that you are prepared for the snow & ice over the coming days? MET Office has issued an ICE warning for today and tomorrow. This means that there is likely to be an increased risk of slips and falls on the icy surfaces. Make sure that you are prepared for maintaining […]

1400L Slimline Bunded Diamond Tank installation

Case Study: 1400L Slimline Bunded Diamond Tank installation Project Brief: Tanks-UK were asked to replace a 3000 litre plastic tank at a domestic property in Lincolnshire. Due to space constraints, and very narrow entrance to the tank area we recommended a Harlequin 1400 litre super slimline bunded Diamond tank. The old tank was too big to get out […]

The SNOW is on it’s way – are you prepared…?

SNOW ALERT – temperatures across Britain set to PLUMMET this week There is snow, ice & strong winds expected to hit the UK towards the end of the week, according to MET Office Weather Reports. Immediately this sets us thinking – how can we stay warm? How much heating oil do we have left? Have […]


This month we have some exciting tank offers to share with you! 2000 Litre ITE Bunded Horizontal Oil Tank manufactured by Harlequin. WAS £1,199.00  Save £180 inc. VAT NOW only £1,049.00  Length: 2360 mm Width: 1320 mm Height: 1415 mm Weight: 180 kg And there’s more…! 10000 Litre Vertical Potable Water Tank manufactured by Enduramaxx WAS […]

2500L Bunded Underground Oil Tank – New Product Added to the Range!

Need to store fuel oil but have limited space or don’t want to spoil the view?   This 2500 Litre double skinned underground oil tank is ideal and a popular choice for small gardens and sensitive landscapes.  A excellent new addition to Harlequin’s Underground Oil Tank range, the 2500L Bunded Underground Oil Tank fully complies with […]

Oil Prices – set for further change?

November 2018 saw global oil prices down by 20% or so – the biggest monthly slide in more than 10 years. Cornelia Meyer, chief executive of Meyer Resources, told the Today Programme that “a month ago everyone was pumping oil as hard as they could because of worries about the Iran sanctions but then there […]

1400L Slimline Bunded Diamond Tank installation

Case Study: 1400L Slimline Bunded Diamond Tank installation, Herefordshire. Project Brief: Tanks-UK were asked to replace a 2000 litre steel single skin tank 2ft wide x 8ft long x 7ft high. Due to the space constraints we recommended a Harlequin 1400 litre super slimline bunded Diamond tank. Main Project Requirements:  Drain down and remove existing special build […]

Black Friday Free Cash!!!

Black Friday – it’s today!!! Let’s not miss this!  The money is waiting for you!!!   1,000 Litre Harlequin SuperSlim Oil Tank (Diamond Tank) Code: 1000SSL WAS £939.00 + VAT Huge Cashback Offer – £150.00 Cashback! – choose from a variety of shopping vouchers And there’s more….!! if you need to upgrade to include a […]

Black Friday Deals!

Black Friday – it’s tomorrow!! We are excited to share with you our huge Black Friday deals with great offers to be taken advantage of from Friday 24th November and over the weekend.   10,000 Litre Enduramaxx Potable Water Tank Code: 172222 WAS  £1,005.00 + VAT NOW £895.00 + VAT Includes free tap!   1,000 […]

*Double Diamond Offer* – 1,400L & 1,650L Diamond Tanks

We are pleased to announce the Harlequin “Double Diamond” tanks offer for November and December!   The 1,400 litre (320 gallons), and the 1650 litre (350 gallons) Harlequin Bunded Diamond Tanks are on offer until the close of 2018. These Diamond oil tanks are best suited for awkward installations, especially the 1,400 Litre tank as […]

Bunded Oil Tank installation – 2,500 Litre ITE

Case Study: 2500L ITE Bunded Oil Tank installation, Oxfordshire Project Brief: Tanks-UK were commissioned to dispose of an old Titan tank, and replace with a new bunded oil tank with a 2,500 litre capacity. Due to access restrictions, this included using a Hiab to lift the existing tank out and drop the new tank into position.  […]

Case Study: 1225L ITE Bunded Oil Tank installation, Kings Lynn

Project Brief: Alan from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, was looking for a replacement tank for his old single skin plastic oil tank. Tanks-UK were able to offer a complete replacement service and changed the tank to a fully bunded version. Main Project Requirements:  Drain down of existing single skin oil tank Replace with Harlequin 1225ITE Bunded […]

Salt Bins & Coal Bunkers – don’t let the cold catch you out!

At Tanks-UK we’ve had the foresight to stock up on grit bins or salt bins, and coal bunkers for the coming winter; we strongly recommend you take advantage of our stocks whilst they last! Now the forecasts are all pointing to an unusually cold November, and an even colder December.  According to MSN, Met Office meteorologist […]

***DIVERTRON 230v Submersible Pumps from DAB***

We are pleased to let you know that we’ve added the DAB Divertron Pumps to our range! No doubt the key feature of the Divertron pumps is their versatility and reliability. These pumps are a multistage submersible pressure booster pump for clean water systems which are free from solids and abrasives, therefore ideal for applications […]

Case Study: 2,500 Litre tank replacement, South Lincolnshire

Case Study: 2,500 litre tank replacement, South Lincolnshire Project Brief: Paul from South Lincolnshire commissioned Tanks-UK to replace an old single skin steel oil tank with a new and more suitable bunded tank further away from his newly bought property to comply with current regulations. Before: Main Project Requirements:  Drain down of old tanks Safely […]

Preparing your oil tank for the winter months

Now that winter is fast approaching, many are thinking of turning on their heating to stay warm until  the spring. According to the Department for Energy and Climate Change,  two thirds of heating oil consumption is used between the months of October and March. With this in mind, we have put together our tips on making sure […]

Will we have another oil crisis?

Again we are seeing the global oil market in the headlines following the oil prices peak for 2018 according to The Week. Oil prices have fluctuated massively over the past four years and looks like it will continue to do so. This all has significant impact on the markets both for the economy and politically. […]

HeatStream Hot Water Tanks – Harlequin

HeatStream Hot Water Tanks are probably the most innovative development in the plumbing world yet! This is a pioneering advancement in hot water storage, the Harlequin HeatStream range was created from a collaboration of industry expertise in both the rotational moulding of plastic tanks, and pressurised hot water storage systems. With these two forces we […]




***NEW SLIMLINE OIL TANK*** ***Free Tankpack available when you order this tank from 1st January until 28th February 2018. (Tankpack includes Apollo gauge and bottom outlet kit)*** 1400 Litre Bunded Slimline Oil Tank from Diamond Tanks This is a super slimline Diamond 1400L Oil Tank, featuring integral bunding as standard and suitable for properties where […]

November/December Special Offer!!

November/December Special Offer!! The cold weather is beginning to bite and is your tank ready for the weather?  Its that time of year when you may be looking to replace your oil tank.  To help with the cost of replacing your tank we have some special offers to help in this festive season. We are […]

New 3500L AdBlue Station from Harlequin…

New Product! 3500 Blue Station… Harlequin have launched a new 3500L Blue Station: This size tank has been introduced to the market for intermediate users of AdBlue as it fills the gap between 2500L and 5000L, and makes it more flexible for users to purchase AdBlue. The tanks are manufactured from inert materials to ensure […]

Don’t let the change in the weather catch you out!

It feels like Winter is already here and many people are starting to think about getting their oil delivered ready for winter. It is also this time of year when the Environment Agency urges people to check their oil tanks to protect the environment and reduce the risk of potentially large financial losses. Older and single […]

Heating Oil Price Still Falling

Oil prices are continuing to drop and it doesn’t look like there will be any massize change in the trend for a while yet says OFTEC report. Why not take advantage of favourable market conditions and replace that tank with a crack in it, upgrade the size and buy even more better! Not sure about […]

Massive Surge in Sprinkler Market in wake of Grenfell Disaster

Fire prevention companies throughout the UK are reporting a massive market upturn following the terrible Grenfell fire.  All manner of fire prevention services but particularly sprinkler installations are now becoming top on the agenda of a lot of landlords and authorities. A lot of active fire prevention involves a water reservoir, whether it be a […]

Water in your Oil Tank – Fast Resolutions

Water in your oil tank may cause boiler issues and blockages in your pipes, especially during freezing winter temperatures.  If water finds its way into your oil tank, it is important to deal with it quickly.  The good news is – there are easy ways to resolve and prevent these problems. Detecting Water in your […]

Oil price lowest in 8 months!

The new 8 month low in oil prices can be directly attributed to unrest in the Middle East and Political upheaval both on home soil and in the USA. Whilst these factors create market inactivity, they also make it a windfall for the consumer!  In plain terms, now is the time to buy!  If your tank […]

5 Easy Steps to Lower Diesel Emissions

With increasing pressure and changing regulations around diesel emissions in the EU, motorists and fleet managers are more concerned than ever about how they can lower diesel emissions. Here are 5 easy steps you can take as a motorist or a fleet manager, to reduce vehicle diesel emissions on a daily basis: 1) Don’t accelerate […]

Diesel Pumps Could ‘Run Dry’, Says RAC

Britain’s diesel pumps could “run dry” because of a growing dependence on foreign fuel, according to the RAC Foundation. The motoring research group said diesel demand had been rising for decades, but UK refineries were struggling to cope. There were 11 million diesel cars on the road last year, compared with just 1.6 million in […]

Fuel theft: How to protect yourself

Despite plummeting fuel prices in the UK, fuel theft remains a prevalent issue in the UK. In Cornwall, one man has reported that his boat has been emptied of fuel twice within a seven week period when docked in a private harbour. The theft victim said that although the first incident was an inconvenience, the […]

Diesel Prices Lower Than Unleaded For First Time In 14 Years

Last month, UK drivers benefited from a fall in diesel prices of 5p per litre – meaning for the first time since 2001, diesel prices have fallen below those of petrol. According to a report by the RAC, diesel prices at the start of July were 120.63p and by the end of the month had […]

Does Your Business Know How To Use AdBlue?

More and more businesses are adopting the use of AdBlue in order to conform with Euro 6 standards. However, as a fairly recent feature of business fleet management, there is a need for greater awareness of AdBlue use and the consequences of not using it properly in vehicles. AdBlue is stored within the vehicle, in […]

UK Fuel Prices Rise by 10p in 3 Months

The latest fuel price reports from AA reveal that in April 2015 alone, fuel prices went up by 3p a litre, meaning that they have risen by 10p a litre since February 2015.   AA experts believe that the recent reduction in overall petrol consumption is the result of these price increases. Filling station sales saw […]

Drivers Urged To Keep AdBlue Levels Topped Up

Diesel exhaust fluid – more commonly known as AdBlue is used in newer diesel vehicles with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SER) technology, in compliance with Euro 6 regulations.  AdBlue aims to decrease harmful exhaust emissions such as Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and thus decrease environmental pollution. Vehicles requiring AdBlue will display a warning light indicating a low or empty […]

Fuel Prices Help Drive Inflation to Record Low

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) have released the news that inflation has fallen from 0.5% (December 2014) to 0.3% and is at its lowest since 1960. But why? The news comes as a result of continuously decreasing fuel prices throughout the year so far, leading to a supermarket fuel war following the reductions in global […]

Farm Flooding Safeguards Planned For Oxford By Environment Agency

2014 brought disastrous farm flooding within the Oxfordshire area, which cut off farms and major roads for several days. At present, there are over 1800 homes within the area, which the Environment Agency class as ‘high risk’. As such, it has proposed a new flood prevention scheme to protect and safeguard farms and properties within […]

N.Ireland Now Has Lowest Petrol Prices After 23p Drop

Drivers in Northern Ireland are currently enjoying the lowest petrol and diesel prices in the UK – a staggering 23.6p lower than this time last year. The news comes following a recent survey by the AA, however, N.Ireland has typically been at the opposite end of the spectrum. In August, N.Ireland recorded the highest price […]

Asda Knocks A Further 2p Per Litre Off Fuel Prices

Asda has sparked competitive activity amongst the major supermarket fuel providers, as it slashed its petrol and diesel prices by 2p a litre. This means that fuel users visiting Asda’s forecourts won’t pay more than 105.7p per litre for petrol, or 112.7p per litre for diesel. In total, Asda has made 17 fuel price cuts […]

‘Weather Bomb’ Hits UK: Oil Tank Maintenance Tips

With high winds and heavy rain covering the UK, heating oil users are warned to look after their tanks. The current weather can have a number of nasty consequences: Tanks can become dislodged by flooding or high winds. This can potentially lead to an oil spill and in a flooded area the oil will be […]

10 Wonderful Winter Weather Facts

With the winter season in full swing, here are some little known winter weather facts!… Snow isn’t white! It is actually clear and refracts the entire colour spectrum as sunlight passes through it. Our eyes cannot detect this and so we see perceive it as being white. Every snowflake is completely unique – each one […]

Coldest UK Weather in 100 Years: How Will it Affect You?

Despite recent mild weather, the met office claims that we are not going to have such a mild winter. Temperatures are expected to plummet far below freezing and we will also experience snow, fog and storms. The UK Weather Forecast (UKWF) predict that the winter weather will not ease of in February but will extend […]

OFTEC Warns Public of Winter Oil Thefts

OFTEC, the trading body for the oil fired heating Industry has warned oil users to secure their tanks and be on the watch, as the winter season approaches and oil thefts increase. With the decrease in temperature that comes with the colder autumn and winter months, there also comes an increase in the theft of […]

Russian Ship Causes Global Diesel Spill Panic

A container ship carrying a considerable amount of diesel caused chaos this week as it neared the rocky coast of British Columbia during a storm. The ship named The Simushir suffered a broken oil heater and was thus out of action until it was repaired. However, the timing couldn’t have been worse as a storm […]

Supermarket Fuel Price War Welcomed as Prices Drop

Sainsburys, ASDA and Tesco have all hit the headlines recently as a result of a fuel ‘Price War’ which has seen petrol prices fall by up to five pence. This plummet sees the lowest prices since 2010, when petrol prices were hiked up by ten pence. The price drop has also led to the UK […]

Fleet Owners Reminded of Euro-6 AdBlue Regulations

Vehicle fleet owners are being urged to stay up to date with developments surrounding the pending Euro 6 emission standards, which will mean that many vehicles will require more regular topping up with AdBlue. Some Euro 6 compliant vehicles will require a top up every 3000 miles. A failure to top up frequently enough will […]

Over 2,000 Litres of Heating Oil Stolen

Over 2,000 litres of home heating oil were stolen over a period of 3 days, in Oxton. Retired joiner, Alan Rockley, noticed that his oil tank had been tampered with, on June 30th, when he unexpectedly ran out of heating oil. Upon inspecting his oil tank, he realised that he had just a few inches […]

Snowdonia River Polluted By Oil Tank Leak

Police officials have identified the source of pollution at a river in North Wales, to be a leak from a heating oil tank. Natural Resources Wales officials are monitoring pollution levels at Llyn Padarn, near Llanberis, following the incident in Afon y Bala – a river which feeds into the lake. A representative from Natural […]

Tanks UK Achieves Preferred Seller Status

Tanks UK has received ‘Preferred Seller’ status from Europe’s leading tanks manufacturer, Harlequin Plastics. As the only exclusive Harlequin reseller, Tanks UK prides itself on providing customers with a range of plastic storage tanks which exceed industry standards, and does so at the best available price on the market. Tanks UK is now officially a […]

Heartless Thief Steals £1,000 Heating Oil From Hospice

Police are searching for a heartless thief who stole £1,000 of heating oil from St. Clare Hospice in Hastingwood. Police have released CCTV footage of the thief, which shows him siphoning oil from the tank at the inpatient unit. Chief Executive of the hospice, Tanya Curry said of the burglary, “we are shocked and saddened […]

New Range of Steel Tanks Launched

Tanks UK are delighted to announce the launch of a new range of steel tanks to complement their current catalogue of fuel storage tanks. The new steel tanks by leading steel tank manufacturer, Turners Fabrications, will provide a full range of fuel storage, dispensing and transporting solutions, with both domestic and commercial tanks available in capacities ranging from 450 litres […]

Supermarkets Asda & Sainsbury’s Set to Cut Fuel Prices

Supermarkets Asda and Sainsbury‘s have announced that are to cut diesel prices by up to 2p a litre at UK forecourts – making it the lowest price on diesel since February 2011.Asda’s petrol trading director, Andy Peake has said: “we’re giving our customers the chance to fill up their cars with lower priced diesel, putting much needed […]

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